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A Guideline About Our Age Level/Skill Level/Build Time Recommendations

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  • We offer our customers 3 main classifications for each aircraft on our site as a helpful guide.  It is important to note that these are simply guidelines to help you make an informed decision when preparing to purchase an aircraft from us.  

    While these classifications are meant to be helpful, ultimately it is up to the customer to make the choice they feel most comfortable with.  If you ever have any questions about these recommendations our customer service staff would be happy to assist you.

    These are the three main classifications:

    Age Level

    There are 3 levels for Age Level: 

    10 and Up  While these aircraft are simple and easy-to-fly, adult supervision is still a good idea.  

    14 and Up  The majority of our aircraft falls into this age level class and usually represents flyers with some level of experience and most likely are capable of flying without adult supervision.

    18 and Up   This class is limited to high powered, extremely fast aircraft like our 80mm/90mm EDF jets.  These aircraft require the utmost experience and strict safety practices when flying and we feel these are best suited for older individuals.  Of course there are exceptions (there are 14-year-olds out there who fly at the pro level for example) but as a general guideline we feel this is a satisfactory designation.

    Skill Level

    There are four levels for Skill Level:  

    Beginner  This skill level is for someone brand new to the hobby just starting out with no prior flight experience.  Designated for our easiest flying trainer aircraft that we feel will give you the very best chance for success.  

    Intermediate  This skill level is for someone who has advanced to and feels comfortable flying 4+ channel, moderately powered aircraft safely, demonstrating the skill required to takeoff, fly and land successfully.

    Advanced  This skill level is for those who have developed strong flying skills and can safely fly just about any of the aircraft that we sell.  An advanced flyer should feel comfortable flying most high powered, high speed aircraft safely.

    Expert  This skill level is for those with years of flight experience, can fly any RC aircraft, large and small, safely with a high level of skill and precision.  Our 90MM EDF jets and larger collective pitch helicopters fall into this classification.

    Build Time

    Build times are approximations only.  It is to give you a general idea of how much time you might expect for the build.  

    Since everyone has their own level of build experience and methods, it is impossible to give an exact time for any build.  However, these are good general estimates for most customers to expect.  Some will no doubt find that the build took them less or more time than our estimate but for the majority we anticipate these to be good ballpark estimations.

    Again, these are merely guidelines to help our customers makes the best informed decision as possible when purchasing aircraft from us.  As always, if you have any additional questions please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Support Team and one of our knowledgeable RC experts will be glad to assist you.  Happy flying!

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