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Tamiya RC Cars, Crawlers, Trucks, Semi-Trucks, and Tanks

Tamiya RC cars, trucks, semi-trucks, and tanks

Tamiya RC Cars, Crawlers, Trucks, Semi-Trucks, and Tanks

In 1948, Tamiya first established its foothold on the RC Model Industry. In the more than 70 years since its inception, Tamiya has expanded from its roots in Japan to dominate many categories in the static modeling and Remote Control (RC) industries worldwide, being widely credited with creating many of the categories that exist in the modern RC hobby such as scale semi-trucks, scale tanks, 1/10 scale 4WD crawlers, highly accurate static kits, and high-performance RC vehicles. As one of the oldest and most prolific manufacturers in the industry, Tamiya continues as a premium producer of products known for sharp design, meticulous engineering, high fidelity scale detail, and comprehensive options for modelers of all ages and all budgets. In all, Tamiya offers more than 3,000 products, most of which are considered “Best in Class”...

Tamiya boasts an extensive line of top quality static models in all common scales including 1:144, 1:72, 1:48, 1:35, 1:16, 1:14, and 1:10. In addition to their static lineup, Tamiya was also a pioneer in the RC Surface category; from their “full option” 1:16 scale RC tank series of Abrams, Panthers, and Shermans, to their original 1:10 scale crawler trucks and licensed 1:14 civilian vehicles, trucks, haulers, and trailer transports for Toyota, Mitsubishi, and Mercedes Benz, Tamiya helped to write the book on how to join a static model’s scale accuracy with the engineering demands of a fully operational RC vehicle. Lights, sound, proportional radio control, and other scale features have been incorporated into Tamiya’s RC products for decades, exposing generations of newcomers to the Hobby.

Tamiya continues to expand its various product lines, including the industry-standard for hobby model paint, and contributes to STEM efforts with its Educational Kits. Build, Explore, and Experience the joy of Tamiya products backed by Motion RC’s technical support team. Browse the complete line of Tamiya RC products below or use the filter menus to narrow your search results.

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