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Radio Controlled Tanks (RC Tanks)

The World of Tanks begins at Motion RC! Control the RC battlefield with a Remote Controlled (RC) Tank or RC Armored Vehicle from Motion RC! Build and drive the best brands of RC tanks from Heng Long, Tamiya, Torro, Primus, Clark, Hooben, Trumpeter and many others. Engage in infrared (IR) laser tag battles with a historically accurate scale RTR modern tank or a World War 2 tank or a Cold War tank or conquer your foes with a DIY customized tank! Get ready to rumble alongside your RTR tank as it bashes over outdoor terrain with fully functioning suspension, tracks, powerful electric motors, and scale lights and sounds!..

At Motion RC, select from the Top Ten brands of RC Tanks, Armored Vehicles, Upgrade Parts, and Tank Accessories including Custom Tank Figures and Stowage. Many Motion RC Tanks are available as Ready to Run (RTR), that can be driven easily without prior driving experience with RC Trucks, RC Cars, or RC Crawlers. Select RC tanks are also available as Almost Ready to Run (ARTR) or KITs, to give RC Tank builders and RC modelers more freedom to build and install their choice of RC Electronics. Further personalize your tank or armored vehicle with a Benchcraft Airbrush or Primus scale armor accessories.

Explore the World of Tanks at Motion RC with a wide variety of tracked vehicles from the Allied countries, the German Panzerwaffe, or Soviet Army throughout WW2, including the mighty King Tiger, the popular Tiger 1 tank and versatile Panzer tank that began the Blitzkrieg, the American M4 Sherman tank, and the relentless Soviet T-34 that helped turn the tide during the Battle of Kursk. Or, drive the M1A2 Abrams and Leopard 2A2 as the best modern-era tanks in the world! Whether as a fully operational RC Tank or a Static Model, Motion RC’s manufacturers including Heng Long, Mato, and Torro produce some of the most popular tanks and the most realistic upgrades.

Motion RC is Heng Long’s North American distributor and has produced RC tanks for over 30 years. Their fun tanks offer an ideal starting point for new drivers wanting to explore the world of RC Tanks and RC Armored Vehicles. All of Motion RC’s Heng Long 1/16 scale tanks utilize the latest TK6 MCU for outstanding control, performance, playability, and upgrade potential. With powerful motors, scale accessories, working LED lights and sound, independent suspension, and metal upgrades, go beyond common RC trucks and RC cars by driving a Remote-Controlled Tank!

RC drivers seeking the thrill of recreating historical battles can do so with Heng Long’s Infrared (IR) Battle-Ready tanks. Engage up to 20 of your friends in Infrared Battle, essentially “Laser Tag” for tanks! Alternatively, set up the included paper target for target practice with the realistic Airsoft cannon function, which fires a 6mm plastic Airsoft BB at low velocity.

Scale armor modelers wanting to move up from 1/35 scale Armor to larger 1/16 scale Armor love Motion RC’s wide variety of 1/16 scale tanks. Major eras represented include World War 2 Allied and Axis vehicles, including the feared Tiger Tank and the American M4 Sherman that helped drive the Allies to victory. Drive tanks from the Cold War and Modern eras also, including the M1 Abrams, German Leopard 2, British Challenger II tanks, and the Soviet-designed T-72 tank and Russian T-90.

All of Motion RC’s Battle-Ready RC Tanks and its best brands of Tank Upgrades and Tank Parts are supported by Motion RC’s world-renowned customer support. Drive your tank with confidence, backed by original replacement spare parts and performance upgrades.

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