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Radio Controlled Jets and Ducted Fan (RC Jets)

Arguably the cutting edge of foam electric aircraft, RC jets powered by electric ducted fans (EDFs) provide exciting performance and impressive scale fidelity. These detailed aircraft require a larger flying area due to their size, with some models reaching speeds above 110 mph! Larger RC EDF jets require larger airspace and longer distance for take-offs and landings, prefer smooth surface runways, and are designed specifically for intermediate to advanced flyers.

Many pilots agree we’re in the “Golden Age of EDFs”! Jet aircraft are highly maneuverable in real life, and similarly our radio controlled electric jets powered by electric ducted fans can be a thrill to fly! Our collection of popular EDF jets is always expanding with new aircraft such as the Freewing A-10 Thunderbolt II Super Scale Twin 80mm EDF Jet (PNP) and Avanti S 80mm EDF Ultimate Sport Jet (PNP).

Many of our premier class EDFs boast a range of features including carbon fiber reinforcements, nylon hinges, EPO foam construction for more impact resistance, digital metal gear servos, and some models even use dual 360-degree vectored thrust allowing for advanced maneuvers, among other features and components. These aircraft are optimized to provide as realistic and detailed a flying experience as possible for their price point, and everything from the inclusion of DayBright LED lighting to sequenced gear doors adds to the sensation of piloting a real jet aircraft.

Each model is engineered for balanced performance and reliability. Specialized ducting to maximize efficient output and keep components cool, reinforced retracts, and optimal loading for high G maneuvering and maximum performance. Our RC EDF jets offer various levels of control and speed, with certain aircraft exceeding 110mph! The challenge of flying these aircraft makes them extremely popular.

With these high-speed and extremely maneuverable RC EDF jet aircraft, there comes the risk of damage like any other flying RC aircraft. Motion RC proudly stocks a wide range of spare parts from top brands such as Freewing, Dynam, FMS, Techone, E-flite, Spektrum, Futaba and Horizon Hobby. At Motion RC, we also carry a wide range of electronics and RC accessories to maximize your RC EDF jet’s capabilities. If your lights or retracts aren’t functioning as they should or you need a new elevator or wing after a crash, our huge selection of parts will keep you flying for years. Our Customer Support is the best in the business, and we take great pride in providing such capable and exciting RC EDF jet aircraft for intermediate and advanced flyers.

The larger the EDF’s diameter, the more advanced the aircraft generally is. 64mm diameter, 70mm, 80mm, and 90mm. Some of our most popular RC EDF jet models include the 64mm F-22, 70mm F-16, 80mm Avanti and MiG-21, and the 90mm Stinger 90. Use the filter menu on the left to narrow your search results or browse radio controlled jet airplane below.

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