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APC rc airplane propellers

APC Propellers

APC is an industry-leading manufacturer of after-market RC airplane and multi-rotor propellers. They are particularly famous for producing propellers for just about every size of electric RC airplane, from 4 inches (10mm) up to 22 inches (56mm) in scale. For years, APC has delivered premium-quality propulsion-related parts that aerial hobbyists from all levels of experience

APC propellers are made from high-quality fiberglass reinforced plastic or pure carbon fiber (depending on size), and popular sizes are now available in either classic grey or black. All APC propellers include spacer rings to match popular prop adapter sizes and ensure a tight, balanced fit. Propellers made by APC are made available in a variety of configurations and forms. Reverse thin electric propellers and pusher propellers are just a few examples of the many powerful, reliable, and long-lasting products that APC has available through Motion RC.

Complete with composite adapter rings, APC propellers come in black or grey composite materials that are lightweight and reliable, as well as an assembly instruction sheet to make installation even easier for everyone from beginners to seasoned pros. It is recommended that all propellers should be balanced before use. Adapter ring kits for APC propellers are also available through Motion RC, giving you more opportunities to enhance the performance of your RC airplane or helicopter.

APC propellers are available in a wide variety of aerodynamic designs, giving you more options to maximize the speed and aerodynamic efficiency of your RC aircraft. Built for greater agility and maneuverability, these propellers are a perfect fit for our online shop.

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