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Beginner RC Helicopters

If you’re looking for the most alluring and inspiring way to begin your journey as an RC aircraft hobbyist, then our wide selection of Beginner Radio-Controlled helicopters are the quintessential solution. A wonderful and simplistic introduction to the many adventures you’ll undoubtedly have in this hobby, these products are extremely easy to operate. Newcomers will not feel frustrated by the complexities other model helis offer, as mastering these aircraft is far from impossible. Our beginner radio-controlled helicopters offer a true pick-up-and-play experience that allows those new to the hobby and those with years of experience to simply have fun.

At Motion RC, we have two types of beginner RC helicopters available. The first, coaxial models, have two sets of counter-rotating rotor blades and are specifically designed for indoor flying only. We also offer several single rotor 'fixed' pitch beginner RC helicopters, which are intended for outdoor flying in conditions with little to no wind. When flown in the right weather conditions, they are easy to pilot and a great way for newcomers to the hobby to experience the joys of flight.

We have several popular models of Beginner RC helicopters readily available online from leading brands, including the XK K100. Some of these models include features that make flying a breeze for newcomers of all ages, such as computerized gyros for superb directional control and stability, proportional rotor head servos for smoother and more precise control response, lightweight airframes and carbon fiber components. Additionally, some of these beginner RC helicopters incorporate self-leveling technology that helps to make the flying experience even smoother and more simplistic than ever before.

But what happens if you’ve had an accident and damaged your beginner RC helicopter? Fear not, for we at Motion RC have anticipated the needs of beginners of all ages. We have a complete suite of replacement parts and components readily available, which our friendly and knowledgeable experts can assist you with selection. This way, you’ll never be grounded for long and can always count on an opportunity to explore the skies with a reliable and beginner-friendly RC helicopter. Our beginner RC helicopters are available in many color schemes, builds and model types. These products are ideal for newcomers, but depending on your experience, you may be better suited to our most basic models. Use the filter menu on the left to narrow your search results or browse all beginner RC Helicopters.

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