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Radio Controlled (RC) Seaplanes and Amphibious Aircraft

Yearning to reach for the sky from a placid lake, pond, or pool? You’ll feel right at home with one of our RC seaplanes. These graceful and nautically inclined aircraft are specially engineered to take off and land on water. Also known as float planes, several of our models also include standard wheeled landing gear, allowing for regular ground-based landings as well.

Our RC seaplanes are available in an alluring range of sizes, shapes, and color schemes. Many feature basic landing gear setups, and some such as the PBY Catalina Blue incorporate raised wings, sleek aerodynamic boat-like fuselages that rest on water, and pontoons attached to either wing on struts to maintain waterborne balance and ease of operation. For smaller water runways, high lift or STOL-type aircraft models like the Skynetic Bison or Skynetic Air Titan combine the flexibility of short distance takeoffs with optional Floats. Offering a variety of models based on traditional and striking contemporary designs, intermediate and advanced RC pilots will undoubtedly discover an exciting new way to enjoy this timeless hobby.

Many RC seaplanes and floatplanes, including ours, include countless exciting features. Among them, you may find LED navigation lighting systems, powerful brushless outrunner motors, historical paint color and decal schemes, vortex generators, wing pin connectors for easy transporting, and constructions of durable and easy to repair EPO foam. Some even include factory-installed receivers compatible with SLT transmitters, snow takeoff capabilities with additional snow ski sets, and removable wing and tail sections for simplified transport.

We carry the most respected and reliable brands, including Skynetic, Nexa, Freewing, and Flightline. Whether you opt for a traditional Beaver or Catalina seaplane model or a streamlined and modern Seawind or Icon A5, you can be assured of an exciting and entertaining time on land, sea, and of course in the air! Let your imagination run wild, for there are endless possibilities when it comes to RC seaplane piloting.

No matter your experience with these or other RC model aircraft, accidents do happen. No matter what troubles you run into, know that Motion RC offers a complete suite of parts and components that perfectly compliment your specific model. Whether you’ve lost a pontoon or clipped a wing on a hard landing, our team will help get you airborne (or waterborne) in no time.

RC Seaplanes offer pilots the ability to enjoy their models at more diverse flying locations, allowing for expanded possibilities for hobbyists. We do not recommend a Seaplane for a beginner pilot, but such aircraft are worth the effort to hone your skills with landing on hard surfaces with a Beginner wheeled aircraft first in order to one day graduate to the thrill of landing on water with floats! Given their multi-purpose nature, these aircraft are best suited for intermediate to advanced flyers. Use the filter menu on the left to narrow your search results or browse all RC Seaplanes below.

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