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Motion RC's Position On The Safe Flying Practice Of All RC Aircraft

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  • The Aeromodeling Hobby is a shared passion among Motion RC and our customer family. This is a rewarding hobby which promotes the history and future of aviation, craftsmanship, technology, and innovation. More than ever before, Remote Controlled craft of all shapes and sizes are available in increasing variety to a worldwide audience. Boats, cars, trucks, airplanes, helicopters, jets, multi-rotors, and other platforms offer a growing number of people a chance to experience the thrill of Remote Control. While these products' accessibility has improved, their complexity has also deepened, and accordingly so has the imperative for users' safe operation of this technology.

    Motion RC is one of the country's largest distributors of Remote Controlled aircraft --propeller driven fixed wing airplanes, electric ducted fan jets, helicopters, and multi-rotors or "drones". As this hobby expands, we remind our customer family and unitedly affirm that Safety is the highest priority of any Remote Controlled vehicle operator. This hobby is best enjoyed in an environment which emphasizes the safety of the vehicle operator, all other persons, all property, and all airspace in which any vehicle is being flown. 
    The Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) is the world's largest model aviation association, representing more than 175,000 persons in the United States. The AMA charters more than 2,500 model aircraft clubs across the country and is committed to promoting a safe, secure, and enjoyable modeling environment. The AMA also provides liaison with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the FCC, and other government agencies, to expand the Aeromodeling Hobby and ensure safe environments are erected for the practice of this hobby. Motion RC shares the AMA's strong emphasis on safety, and encourages interested readers to visit for more information. 
    Recent news reports have focused on one class within Aeromodeling: "Multi-Rotors". A relatively new class of aircraft powered by multiple propellers, hobby-grade "Multi-Rotors" range in size from 2" across to 40" across or more. A "Drone" is an emerging term used to describe a subset of Multi-rotors, specifically one with a camera mounted on it. Drones have a range of constructive uses, both casual and commercial. Readily available in hobby stores, electronics stores, or online, Drones have flooded the market and introduced many new persons to the world of Aeromodeling. At the same time, we have also read of occasional disheartening instances where RC aircraft are being misused and have put people or property in danger. 
    For the record, Motion RC unequivocally condemns the operation of any RC aircraft, drone or otherwise, in unauthorized areas, especially where full size aircraft are in use. Operating RC models near active airports, runways, and occupied airspace is expressly forbidden by the FAA and the AMA, and we view the irresponsible piloting of RC models near an airliner, over crowded areas, to a prison, in a stadium and in all other instances of misuse with equal disdain.

    We believe that the vast majority of RC pilots are responsible individuals who operate their RC models safely in approved areas only and in accordance with established local and federal laws. A few bad apples should not ruin the RC aviation hobby for the majority of its constituents, and we unite our voices with all those who designate these bad apples as reckless, miscreant individuals. These thoughtless people do not represent the RC aviation hobby whatsoever. We encourage all RC pilots, old and new, to practice this hobby responsibly to ensure its perpetuation for future generations.
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