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The Benefits of the "Throttle Hold" Switch

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  • Most of us flying RC airplanes today practice a good amount of safety with our aircraft. One thing I learned last week after losing my flying buddy was the importance of a throttle lock out switch or throttle hold switch after you land your airplane. My friend had just gotten done with his flight and set down his transmitter. He was talking to his son about other things and had set his transmitter on the ground next to him. His airplane was still armed and ready to start, also it was pointing directly at him. This is a dangerous combination that could lead to a very serious accident. 
    The first tip we recommend is that you should always turn on your throttle lock out switch as soon as you land and retrieve your airplane. Then unplug the battery to your airplane, this will assure it's safe and off. Then lastly turn the radio off. Never turn your radio off with the flight battery still plugged in. Refer to your manual on how to program a throttle lock out or throttle hold switch.
    My friend didn't activate his throttle lock out switch, so it was still armed and facing him with a 14 by 6 propeller. This is those APC thin electric propellers that can cut through most anything, given the chance. He was in a conversation with his son who was visiting him that week. So as he leaned over to reach for his airplane, he hit the throttle switch with his knee. The airplane went full throttle, lifted off the ground flying right at his face! The only option he had was too put his hands up to protect himself.
    Well, needless to say, the propeller had contacted his right hand. He was fortunate to stop the aircraft from taking out an eye, or causing much more damage than it already had. His right index finger was cut almost all the way off. It was only hanging by the finger tendons and skin. The other fingers all four were cut clean through bleeding profusely. This all happened within a matter of seconds after he landed his airplane.
    Always remember the propeller on these electric aircraft are very dangerous, so your undivided attention to the aircraft is required until the battery is safely unplugged and the radio is turned off. Propellers can break bone, break off and take someones eye out and cause severe damage to person or property. Please, use common sense and most of all, a lot of safety when flying a propeller or EDF jet airplane.
    Safety first, pilots! Less time in the hospital means more time at the flying field having fun!

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