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ZAP CA, Epoxy, Thread Locker, and Specialty Glues

If you are an aerial hobbyist looking for that long-lasting adhesive fix for your latest project, look no further than ZAP. Scientifically engineered to deliver the strongest grip and the most resilience, their selection of specialty glues is perfect for a wide array of repair or upgrade-related needs. Additionally, epoxies and thread locker products are available for all of your touch-up needs.... 

ZAP adhesives are made by the same company that invented Super Glue over 40 years ago. ZAP is typically considered to be one of the highest quality adhesives available anywhere. Motion RC carries the full assortment of ZAP products including thin CA, medium, gap-filling CA, foam safe CA, CA kicker, fast cure (5 min) epoxy, medium cure (15 min) epoxy, slow cure (30 min) epoxy, thread locker, and canopy glue.

Built on decades of chemical compound manufacturing experience, ZAP products deliver reliable product quality and lasting usage, enhancing your flying experience with more time airborne and less time fumbling with repair jobs. Browse our selection of ZAP adhesive, epoxy and thread locker products below:

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