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Top 10 RC Airplanes for Beginners

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  • Top 10 RC Airplanes for Beginners

    Radio-Controlled (RC) Airplanes are a great way to get your feet wet in the wonderful world of model aviation. They also provide an excellent creative outlet for those who love building, tinkering, and fixing things. RC Airplanes are more than just toys for big boys and girls - they can be tools for teaching, great introductions into engineering and technology, as well as vehicles for traveling and meeting like-minded aviation enthusiasts like yourself at local RC flying clubs and RC events.

    Choosing the right RC airplane can be tricky though. There are so many options on the market that it can be difficult to find the best one for you. Whether you’re looking to create an experience that will thrill your kids or just want something that flies well out of the box, here are some of our favorite RC Airplanes for beginners available at Motion RC!

    10. Skynetic Trainer King 1118mm (44") Wingspan - ARF BUNDLE

    This airplane is perfect for beginners! It's large enough to have plenty of fun with, but not too big that it becomes hard to control. The wings are made out of a special material (EPS Foam) that makes them easy to repair in case you ever do any damage. This model is also a great introduction into building an RC model as it comes as an Almost-Ready-to-Fly (ARF) Bundle Kit which includes all the materials and electronics to get this aircraft ready for it’s maiden flight. You will only need a transmitter (tx), receiver (rx) and LiPo battery to get outside and start having fun.

    Visit the product page here for more information

    9. Skynetic Bald Eagle 1430mm (56") Wingspan - ARF BUNDLE

    This RC Airplane is a great option for beginners and looks like a beautiful real bald eagle circling in the sky. Like the Skynetic Trainer King above, the Skynetic Bald Eagle is also made from EPS foam which is much more forgiving in fixing when crashes occur. This model also is sold as an ARF Bundle Kit which means it comes with all the building materials and electronics which will help you learn how to assemble an RC aircraft. Once in the air, the Skynetic Bald Eagle is a gentle, graceful flyer which will help beginners learn orientation and it will also attract attention from passers-by with its realistic appearance and presence.

    Visit the product page here for more information

    8. Skynetic Huntsman V2 Glider Orange/Yellow 1100mm (43.3") Wingspan - RTF

    The first Ready-to-Fly (RTF) RC Airplane we want to suggest is the Skynetic Huntsman V2 Glider. This RC Airplane is perfect for beginners as not only is it a stable flyer, but it is simple to assemble and comes with absolutely everything you need to take your first flight (transmitter, receiver and LiPo battery included. The Skynetic Huntsman has a great presence with it’s 43” wingspan and come in a bold orange or yellow color scheme which is perfect for beginners tracking their first RC airplane through the sky. Overall, the Skynetic Huntsman can help any RC pilot improve their flying skills.

    Visit the product page here for more information on the Orange Version

    Visit the product page here for more information on the Yellow Version 

    7. Skynetic Freeman V3 Glider 1600mm (63") Wingspan - RTF

    If you're looking for a RC Airplane that's ready to fly, the Skynetic Freeman V3 Glider is perfect for you. With a wingspan of 63" and an impressive flight time of 10 minutes, this airplane is perfect for beginners who want to quickly get into the air. Much like the Skynetic Huntsman above, the Freeman has a striking color scheme, but is even larger with a 63” wingspan making it even easier to see while learning how to fly. The Skynetic Freeman V3 Glider also comes with all the necessary equipment to start flying right out of the box. No need to buy anything extra- just charge up your batteries and go enjoy the flying!

    Visit the product page here for more information

    6. Skynetic Cub 505mm (19.8") Wingspan - RTF

    This RC airplane is an excellent choice for beginners. It has a wingspan of only 505mm (19.8") and comes out of the box assembled and ready to fly in your yard or local park. The Skynetic Cub is perfect for someone who wants to get into RC Airplanes but doesn’t want to spend a lot of time building one or tinkering with it. This plane flies around surprisingly well considering its size and flies very stable with the included gyro.

    The Skynetic Cub is also an excellent option for kids because it comes ready-to-fly right out of the box. They can assemble the plane themselves without any adult help, so you don’t need to worry about your child struggling with assembly or getting frustrated if they can’t figure something out on their own. This RC airplane is truly easy for anyone, regardless of age, so grab the Skynetic Cub and get flying!

    Visit the product page here for more information

    5. Skynetic Air Titan 1600mm (63") Wingspan - PNP

    The Skynetic Air Titan is the largest and most powerful RC Airplane on this list but  that doesn’t mean a beginner should look away. With it’s 63” wingspan, the Air Titan is easy to see in the sky and it an aircraft that an RC pilot can grow and hone their skills with. There is very good reason why real pilots train on high wing aircraft because they are stable, predictable yet powerful and maneuverable. The Skynetic Air Titan is a Plug-and-Play (PNP) model which means all the electronics are pre-installed you will just need to supply your own transmitter (tx), receiver (rx) and 4S LiPo battery. This model also has an additional optional float set for those who like to fly off a lake, pond or river.

    Visit the product page here for more information

    4. Skynetic Dragonfly Seaplane V2 700mm (27.5") Wingspan - PNP

    The Skynetic Dragonfly Seaplane is perhaps the oddest RC aircraft on this list but is definitely an exciting option to learn to fly RC. The Skynetic Dragonfly Seaplane V2 is an all-terrain aircraft capable of takeoffs and landings on water and grass, or just about any location with a smooth surface. If you’re looking for a unique RC Airplane that can provide exciting flights but is still easy enough for beginners, look no further!

    Visit the product page here for more information

    3. Skynetic Mercury Blue 1400mm (55.2") Wingspan - PNP

    One of the best RC airplanes available at Motion RC for beginners is the Skynetic Mercury RC glider. This is a great choice for people who don't want to worry about building and tinkering with their RC airplane. It assembles quickly, has a great size and with just a single 3S 1600mAh LiPo you can expect to fly for 15 minutes! The construction also combine high-quality EPO foam along with carbon to make a strong airframe that can survive from the occasional crash. Lastly, this is a model you can grow with as additional servos can be installed to add flaps which will only make this plane even more fun to fly.

    Visit the product page here for more information

    2. Freewing Pandora 4-in-1 Blue 1400mm (55") Wingspan - PNP

    The Freewing Pandora is an excellent choice for beginners because it’s easily the most versatile RC aircraft on the market. Available in blue or red, the Pandora can be assembled in 4 different configurations to so a beginner can truly hone their piloting skills over time. This RC airplanes can be flown as a high-wing trainer with tricycle landing gear and then you can reassemble it into a low wing light sport model with a taildragger landing gear.  Plus, the 1400mm wingspan allows it to fly well in windy conditions. There is nothing on the RC market like it and it’s only available at Motion RC.

    Visit the Blue product page here for more information

    Visit the Red product page here for more information

    1. Skynetic Shrike Glider 1450mm (57") Wingspan - PNP

    Coming in at #1 on our list of our favorite RC Airplanes for beginners is the venerable Skynetic Shrike Glider. The Skynetic Shrike is a convenient and low-cost entry into the world of RC Airplanes that raises the bar for foam electric sport gliders. It comes as PNP model so you will have to supply your own transmitter (tx), receiver (rx) and 3S LiPo battery but this glider features pre-installed flaps which can help new pilots learn how to slow down their RC aircraft. The Shrike also assembles in minutes and also can be disassembled very quickly and can fit in any cars on the market. Ideal for newer pilots wanting to expand their skills with confidence with easy to fly airplane, share the gift of flight with a friend, or push your own skills further with the Skynetic Shrike!

    Visit the product page here for more information

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