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Modifying Your Model

Posted by Todd Breda on |

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  • We get a good amount of customers asking questions regarding the modification of their models.  Modifying your model is a common practice in this hobby and can be rewarding and even in some cases (mainly models that have been on the market for years), necessary.  However, there's a few things you should know before considering modifying a model you have purchased from us.

    The models we sell have specifically been designed for the components they come with.  This includes the power system, servos and landing gear.  Especially the more current models from Freewing and FlightLine RC where we have worked with them in an exclusive partnership providing direct R&D support.  Extensive testing has been performed on these models to provide the best marriage of cost, amenity and performance to our customers.  

    Despite this, some still prefer to upgrade certain components or power systems.  Maybe they want to squeeze out more top end speed or perhaps they trust only certain kinds of components based on experience.  Whatever the reason it's important to note once you modify the model as it was purchased out of the box in any way, this voids any existing warranty we offer.

    All modifications are at your own risk.  We don't necessarily discourage customers from modifying their models but we can't endorse it either.  We are not talking about modifications to upgraded parts we offer for a model such as the upgraded power systems, retracts, struts, etc found on that model's upgrade tab.  The modifications we mean are aftermarket parts/components/power systems not purchased and supported through our website.  

    For instance, let's say you hear about this insane HET power setup that you just have to have in your EDF jet you purchased from us.  Even though that particular HET setup is not meant for this specific jet, you install it and for one reason or another related to the upgraded power system ultimately crash the jet.  Any potential warranty is void due to aftermarket modifying.  Most folks are aware of this, know the risk and are okay with it.  Some however, do not understand this and we wish to make it as clear as possible to avoid any confusion.

    This is why it is crucial to do your homework when spending the time and money to invest in an aftermarket modification - especially power systems - for your model.  The forums are a good resource to find out what setups are effective for that particular model.  You must take extra care to make sure that your model can handle the modifications.  Many times it can be a rewarding experience, while other times, well, not so much.

    So as always, stay informed, have fun and Happy Landings!

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