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Introducing Bancroft - RC Boats, Ships and Submarines

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  • Conquer the waves with Bancroft, the world’s premier RC Boat brand available exclusively at Motion RC! Bancroft’s line of RC vessels is as vast as the seven seas: Specializing in super scale RC Warships such as RC Battleships, RC Destroyers and RC Aircraft Carriers, Bancroft also produces some of the world’s most detailed RC Luxury Liners, RC Tug Boats, Transports, Rescue Boats, Fire Boats, Coast Guard cutters, Submarines, and other RC maritime vessels. Wind-powered Sailing Ships and racing yachts, luxury cruisers, fishing boats, tenders, and marina ferries are just some of the variety of Bancroft’s Remote Control (RC) boats. High-performance speedboats and racing jet boats, including scale racing catamarans and sport hydroplanes, provide the thrill of head to head races with your friends from entry-level to professional-grade championship platforms.

    Equally at home as a mantlepiece display with its included stand, every Bancroft vessel is made of high-quality materials including ABS, fiberglass, real wood, and photo-etched brass and steel parts. Available as Ready to Run (RTR), many Bancroft models can be sailing on calm bodies of water within minutes of unboxing and minimal assembly.

    Experience the pinnacle of RC scale boats with Bancroft, bringing history to life with the USS Missouri, USS Arizona, Battleship Bismark, Battleship Yamato, Titanic liner, Akula submarine, Arleigh Burke and Fletcher Destroyers, Normandy Landing Craft, Nimitz Aircraft Carrier, and so much more! Browse the complete catalog of Bancroft RC boats below or use the filter menu to narrow your search results.


    View our selection of Bancroft boats, ships and submarines.

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