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Gyros: Clearing Up The Stigma

Posted by Todd Breda on |

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  • One of the most unfortunate things to happen in this modern era of high tech in our R/C hobby is the misconception surrounding gyros, especially from some of the older generations.

    The prevailing narrative is that gyros "control" your model, somehow removing you as the Pilot In Command.  Or that a gyro is recommended because your stick skills might be lacking.  

    Neither of these narratives are true.  A gyro in its simplest form is a device that helps counter the effects of variable wind/weather by making slight adjustments to the control surfaces.  These adjustments in no way hamper or override your normal stick inputs.  Therein lies the confusion. 

    In stability mode the gyro will always attempt to make just enough correction to the control surfaces to keep your model flying as smoothly as possible, even in moderate wind conditions.  These minor corrections work with the pilot's primary stick movements as a compliment not as an override. 

    Some folks might mistakenly think they don't need a gyro because they've been flying just fine for years.  With all due respect that's missing the point.  A gyro isn't a statement of your flying ability.  It's a smart device that "smooths out the jitters" common when flying in winds, or helps make a "twitchy" model much less so.  Always remember you still have 100% complete control of your model at all times.

    You can really see the impact of a gyro especially in a smaller aircraft when flying in moderate winds.  Where the model without a gyro might be bouncing all over while you fight the sticks in windy conditions, a gyro would allow the model to fly more smoothly, like a much larger model might behave.

    I've found gyros to be quite helpful for me from small aircraft to giant scale warbirds and EDF jets.  I don't use gyros in every model but I have found them to be very beneficial without bruising my ego in the process!

    So if you have been on the fence about gyros you really should consider giving them a second look.  I promise you won't be disappointed, and your ego will remain intact.

    Happy Landings!

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