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Did You Know? The Importance Of The Support Tab

Posted by Todd Breda on |

There's a section of our website which is probably not being noticed as much as it should be. That section is the Support Tab, which is found on the product page of every aircraft and many electronics. The Support Tab is the section we use to house vital product information. Here is a list of just some of what you might find in the Support section of each aircraft's product page:

  • Owner's Manual, Quick Start Guides, Addendums, etc. (usual in PDF format)
  • Software Upgrades / Updates (where applicable)
  • Tech Notes and Miscellaneous Product Information 

Manuals and Guides

The Support Tab is the location where you can find the owner's manual for each aircraft model. Or if it's an electronic like a receiver or ESC you may find Quick Start Guides, Calibration Guides, and other documents of that nature.

Software Upgrades / Updates

If a product offers software / firmware (like Gyros or ESCs) chances are there may be vital software upgrade / updates that will help keep that product's firmware running efficiently. The Support Tab would be the section to locate the links necessary to download these vital software upgrades for your product.

Tech Notes / Misc. Product Information

Another source of vital information might be an important tech note about the product. Tech notes provide important product updates typically in the form of instruction guide updates / corrections or other tips for building and flying the aircraft. Beyond tech notes we may have other downloads like 3D printed files for scale aircraft features.

Where Is The Support Tab Located?

If the product has support resources, the Support Tab can be found on the grey tab menu under the product image(s).  It will always be the last tab on the tab menu (see sample image below).

Recommendation - It is a good idea to check the support tab before you build or attempt to fly your aircraft. The support section could contain critical updates to aircraft building instructions, and it may also include recommended aircraft setup parameters (e.g. center of gravity or dual rate settings) to ensure trouble-free flights.

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