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Buyer Beware! Is It Really Freewing?

Posted by Todd Breda on |

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  • Sometimes, for any number of reasons, folks may attempt to choose to purchase direct from Freewing. However, while Freewing manufactures these quality models they do not sell to consumers direct.  

    Which is why we would like to provide this friendly Public Service Announcement. We have discovered that there is an individual pretending to be Freewing with a legitimate-looking online e-commerce website with all of the various Freewing models for sale. 

    However, this person is NOT Freewing and is running a scam.

    Motion RC co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Mark Goetze had this to say regarding the issue;

    "Please be aware that is NOT Freewing's website, and it has no affiliation with the manufacturer Freewing Model International. The website is run by a cyber squatter in China, we believe his name is Mike Ma, who is posing as the real Freewing factory and stealing people's money. We know of at least ten people who were lured in with their "too good to be true" prices and found out the hard way that the company is not legit. Please know that Freewing does not sell direct to consumers, so if you ever see a website that claims to be Freewing Model Intl and they are showing product for sale, it is a fake website that exists simply to steal your paypal or credit card info. Freewing is working with local law enforcement to shut down the website for illegal business practices."

    You can read more about this matter at the following link on Hobby Squawk: is NOT the real Freewing - SCAM ALERT

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