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A Word About Product Reviews

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  • Recently we have noticed an upswing in customers both existing and potential sending in reviews for aircraft they don't necessarily own.  While we truly appreciate the enthusiasm for the terrific models being produced these days (and trust us, we share in that enthusiasm!) we would like to take this opportunity to clarify the type of reviews we publish on each product page using a basic guideline.

    First off, as we have stated in a past Knowledge Blog article, and it's always worth repeating, we do NOT pick and choose what reviews we publish.  We want an honest assessment from and for our customers.  That includes the great, the good, the bad, and yes sometimes even the ugly.  We may refuse a review if it's vulgar or has nothing to do with the product being reviewed.  We will edit for language if necessary otherwise the reviews are published "As Is".

    We are most motivated by honest assessments - even if they paint the product in a less-than flattering light - because our desire for our customers to be as educated as possible before parting with their hard-earned money is of vital importance to us.  The more detail and experience a fellow customer can provide is invaluable for those considering the product themselves.  We stand by this paradigm and will continue to do so.

    Which brings us to the kind of reviews we publish.  Again, while we thoroughly appreciate and welcome the enthusiasm, we ask that you please only submit a review for a product that you have purchased through us and have used enough to give an honest review of your experience with the product.

    Here's a simple guideline to follow when submitting your review for publishing:

    Submit Your Review If:

    • You have purchased and received the product from Motion RC
    • Have experienced the product enough in your belief to comment honestly on the Quality, Value for Money, Ease of Use / Assembly and Performance
    • Have a great, good OR bad experience.  (We never remove or delete honest low star reviews)
    • Think you have information that could be helpful to other customers based on your experience with the product

    Please Do Not Submit A Review If:

    • You are excited about a new product release and simply want to let others know even though you do not have the product yet (Hobby Squawk would be a fantastic outlet for that)
    • You do not own the product but have heard about it from others
    • You have a tech support issue with the product that can be resolved by contacting our Customer Support team instead of posting an angry review


    We hope this encourages our customers to please continue submitting your reviews following this guideline.  If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to contact us.  Happy Flying and just as importantly, Happy Landings!


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