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Futaba 4PM 4-Channel Transmitter with R304SB Receiver For Surface Models


Futaba 4PM 4-Channel Transmitter with R304SB Receiver For Surface Models

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4PM 4-Channel Transmitter with R304SB Receiver For Surface Models from Futaba - FUT01004388-3

The Futaba 4PM 4-Channel transmitter is ideal for your surface vehicles.  This powerful 4-channel transmitter comes with numerous features and options (read the features list below for details). Includes a R304SB receiver.


  • The 4PM transmitter has adopted the newly developed bidirectional communication system “T-FHSS”
  • Frequency channel setting is unnecessary: Channel shifting takes place within the 2.4 GHz band automatically. This system minimizes the interference from other 2.4 GHz systems
  • Programmable up to 40 models. Model names can use up to 10 letters, numbers, and symbols. The contents of the currently selected model data can be copied to another model
  • 4 Axis JOG button can be operated in 4 directions: up, down, left, and right
  • Steering neutral adjustments can be made by moving the steering trim knob to the left or right
  • ESC Link Function: This dedicated function allows you set up the Link software so that your T4PM can control variable frequency and other data changes in Futaba speed controllers (ESCs): MC950CR, MC850C, MC851C, MC602C, MC402CR, etc.
  • S Bus servo: This is a special function that allows setting of the parameters of our S.Bus servo whose settings are changed by using PC Link software. In addition to the conventional wired system, it can be set wirelessly in combination with the R334SBS or R334SBS-E
  • Steering mixing: Smooth cornering is possible by independent left and right steering servo setting
  • Brake mixing of the front and rear wheel of 1/5 gas power cars and other large cars can be adjusted independently
  • The sensitivity of Futaba car rate gyros can be adjusted from the T4PM
  • Mixing for crawlers and other 4WS vehicles
  • CPS Mix: LED lighting and flashing control using our CPS-1 channel power switch can be matched to steering and throttle operation by switch only
  • Anti-Skid Braking System: This function applies the brakes so that the tires of gas powered cars, etc. do not lose their grip on the road even when braking at corners
  • Throttle Acceleration: Gas power cars have a time lag before the clutch and brakes become effective. The throttle acceleration function reduces this time lag
  • Throttle Speed: Sudden trigger operation on a slippery road surface will only cause the tires to spin and the model to not accelerate smoothly. By setting the throttle speed function, operation can be performed smoothly and easily. It also suppresses battery consumption
  • Steering Speed: When you sense that the steering servo is too fast, etc., the servo operating speed (direction that suppresses the maximum speed) can be adjusted
  • Racing Timer: The lap timer can record 100 lap times and total time. The timer can also be started automatically by trigger operation. The race time and audible alarm can be set. Re-/fueling time are indicated by an audible alarm. An up timer is also provided
  • Function Select Switch: This assigns functions to 2 switches and dials (digital trim, digital dial). The step amount and operating direction can also be adjusted. Trim positioning at each model call is unnecessary because all the dials are digital
  • The position of the throttle trigger can be moved forward and backward
  • The tension of the steering wheel and throttle trigger springs can be adjusted from the outside
  • Mechanical ATL Adjustment: Make this adjustment when you want to decrease the total travel of the brake (push) side of the throttle trigger
  • Throttle neutral adjustments can be made moving the throttle trim up or down


  • Futaba 4PM 4-Channel Transmitter with R304SB Receiver For Surface Models
  • R304SB Receiver
  • Dry battery holder
  • Mini screwdriver


  • (Dry Cell Battery) Penlight x 3 (4.5 V)

    Product Specifications:

    Number of Channels4
    Modulation / ProtocolT-FHSS
    Mode(s)Mode 1-2 (Default Mode 2)
    Model Memory40 
    Rotary KnobsN/A
    2-Position SwitchesN/A
    3-Position SwitchesN/A
    Slider SwitchesN/A
    Momentary SwitchesN/A
    Voice AlertsNo
    Memory Card SupportNo
    Data PortNo
    Upgradeable FirmwareNo
    Trainer SystemN/A
    Dual Rate / ExpoYes
    Throttle CutNo
    Servo Speed AdjustmentNo
    Battery(Dry Cell Battery) Penlight x 3 (4.5 V)

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