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Castle Creations 20A BEC Pro


Castle Creations 20A BEC Pro

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Castle Creations 20A (peak) Switching BEC - 010-0004-01

The Castle BEC Pro is a staple for RC jets and prop planes running high voltage LiPo packs. If you want to add a BEC capable of dealing with LiPo packs up to 12S (10S in planes) while adding quality and reliability, this is the perfect upgrade. This will ensure you have plenty of power for your servos, retracts, receiver, lights, and other accessories. A Proper setup using this Castle 20A BEC will help prevent brown outs which some popular receiver brands are prone to. The BEC includes two wires with JR connectors to connect to the receiver and bare wires on the other side. Please see diagram or instructions for proper connection.


  • 20A max peak current
  • Input voltage: 16V to 40V (2S LiPo to 10S LiPo for planes. Can go to 12S with a Heli)
  • Adjustable output voltage: 4.8V to 12.5V
  • Programmable using the Castle PHX-LINK USB Cable


  • Size: 1.7" x 1.3" x 1"
  • Weight: 1oz without wires
  • If Input is 16V, Output is 15A
  • If Input is 24V, Output is 13A
  • If Input is 32V, Output is 11A
  • If Input is 40V, Output is 9A
  • If Input is 48V, Output is 8A

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