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Admiral Pro 6000mAh 6S 22.2V 50C LiPo Battery with EC5 Connector Multi-Pack (2 Batteries)

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2 Pack of Admiral Pro Series 6000mAh 6S 50C LiPo Batteries with EC5 Connectors - EPR60006E

Our EDF Jets and prop planes have been designed with this 6000mAh battery in mind for a couple of years. Our goal was to produce a battery specifically geared toward the demands of an EDF jet. C rating is directly tied to battery weight since more layers are needed in each cell to sustain a higher amp draw. More sustained amperage means a higher C rating and more power for your EDF. In other words, the lower the C rating, the lower the weight. The higher the C rating, the higher the weight. We wanted a battery with a perfect compromise between C rating and weight. We feel we've hit the sweet spot with this battery. 

This is the perfect battery for the Freewing 80mm and 90mm EDF jets. This LiPo pack has an EC5 connector to mate up with the EC5 ESC connector on the 80mm and 90mm  Freewing EDF jets without any soldering or changing connectors.


  • Convenient battery two-pack is ideal for multi-engine aircraft builds or 12S setups
  • High-quality, 10 AWG copper wire
  • Genuine EC5 Connector
  • JST/XH Balance Connector, the most common balance plug on the market which is compatible with most Li-Po chargers

Product Specifications:


844g / 29.77oz


160mm / 6.29in


53mm / 2.08in


45mm / 1.77in

Wire Gauge


ESC Connector

EC5 Connector

Balance Connector



6000 mAh

Discharge Rate


Charge Rate




Series(S) Parallel(P)


Number of Cells


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