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Admiral 450mAh 2S 7.4V 30C LiPo Battery with JST Connector


Admiral 450mAh 2S 7.4V 30C LiPo Battery with JST Connector

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Admiral 450mAh 2S 30C LiPo Battery with JST Connector - EPR04502J

Tech Note: This battery will not fit in the XK A600 DHC-2 Beaver. 

Power you can trust! Admiral batteries are globally renowned for delivering superior power-to-weight ratio, reliable safety, and long lifespan. Produced in a world-class facility with an all-new formula that optimizes high performance across more cycles, Admiral batteries deliver performance far beyond typical B-grade hobby batteries. With your prized RC flying through the air, racing on the ground, or sailing at sea, accept no substitutes over genuine Admiral batteries from Motion RC!

World Class

World Class

Join thousands of customers around the world who depend on Admiral batteries to power their favorite RC airplanes, boats, helicopters and vehicles. For nearly ten years, Motion RC’s batteries have earned a global reputation for quality, reliability, power, product support, and price.

Precision Made

Precision Made

Admiral batteries are produced in a 100,000sq/ft, ISO 9000 facility by a team of over 700 workers. The highest quality raw materials are crafted with precision machinery to create the foundation of a safe and reliable battery.

Balanced and Matched

Balanced and Matched

Each cell is balanced, aged, graded, and matched when creating a specific battery. This meticulous process allows lower graded cells to be removed from the Admiral production line and instead shuttled to other resellers. Admiral batteries only use the highest grade of cell.

Reliable Power

Reliable Power

Advanced techniques including atomic absorption spectrometry are used to ensure each battery pack and its constituent cells are produced using materials that meet exact formulas and are free from contamination.

Longer Life

Longer Life

Don’t be fooled by other batteries which may arrive with lower graded cells that have been cycled dozens of times to give the illusion of initial power, at the expense of total lifespan. Admiral batteries are not excessively aged at the factory, meaning that they benefit from 5-10 “break-in” cycles to exercise the battery before it is submitted to high discharge conditions. Proper usage extends the effective lifespan of your battery.

Higher Value

Higher Value

Admiral batteries feature a lower average cost per recharge, due to their higher performance sustained over a longer number of cycles. Admiral batteries are available in every size to fit your favorite RC car, helicopter, boat, tank, drone, jet, or airplane from Motion RC.


  • High-quality, 20 AWG copper wire
  • Genuine JST Connector
  • JST/XH Balance Connector, the most common balance plug on the market which is compatible with most Li-Po chargers

Product Specifications:


34g / 1.19oz


56mm / 2.20in


30mm / 1.18in


10mm / 0.39in

Wire Gauge


ESC Connector


Balance Connector




Discharge Rate


Charge Rate




Series(S) Parallel(P)


Number of Cells


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