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Tomcat Brushless RC Motors

Tomcat RC motors ESC dynam detrum

Tomcat Brushless RC Motors

When you need a high-quality motor to give your park flyer some serious speed, you want a Tomcat Motor. These brushless motors are specifically designed for RC power systems and provide the most superior design and acceleration performance of their kind.

Seasoned hobbyists prefer Tomcat because of their exceptional reliability and durability. Thanks to a rigorous production process and thorough inspections at every step, you are always guaranteed to receive a high-quality motor. Plus, each motor is made of a heavy-duty CNC-machined aluminum alloy that is ten times the strength of mould motors. The motors also feature a devised control system that eliminates vibration, durable Japanese silicon steel bearings for low-heat operation at all speeds, and superior heat dissipation magnets – there’s nothing standard here! And, you also get a high electric efficiency of up to 85% that provides excellent torque and serious power.

Another benefit that the Tomcat brushless motors provide is the reduced noise and a more balanced flight. And unlike similar models, the Tomcat is cost-effective. You get a stunning appearance, pure power, and quality design for a very attractive price. To top it off, every Tomcat motor comes with a set of tools, with all the necessary mounting hardware, an X-plate mount, plus compression collets and bolt-on propeller collets in each box.

When it comes to buying a new motor, you can always trust Tomcat. This company knows what they are doing - their engineers have been fully focused on brushless motor R&D for over 10 years now - and they have a long-term commitment to the future development of the industry. You can’t get better than that!

When it comes to choosing a motor, Tomcat motors deliver! When you need a combination of performance, precision and affordability, their high-quality motors won’t disappoint.

At Motion RC we offer a wide range of the Tomcat motor sizes from sub-micro to 150cc so that every flyer can take full advantage of this product.

Use the filter menu to narrow your search results or browse our entire catalogue of Tomcat RC motors below.

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