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Dynam RC Electric Model Airplanes

Dynam RC airplanes

Dynam RC Electric Model Airplanes

Dynam RC airplanes represent a great value in RC model airplanes for the beginner or intermediate pilots. From beginner RTF (ready to fly) models that include everything in the box to PNP scale warbirds, Civil Aircraft and EDF Jets, Dynam produces amazing high-quality RC airplanes to fit any budget... 

That’s why we at Motion RC are proud to offer an ever-expanding selection of Dynam RC electric model airplanes, components, and replacement parts to make it easier than ever to get into the exhilarating hobby of RC model airplane piloting. Regardless of whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned veteran, Dynam has the perfect plane for not only meeting your needs but also exceeding expectations.

Dynam RC electric model airplanes come complete with a vast array of features that range from convenient and innovative to proactive and future-facing, allowing you to trust in your investment for far longer with a product that is more reliable, high-performing and built to last. Just a few of the many unique features in Dynam RC electric model airplanes include pre-installed EDFs, energy efficient motor designs, electronic retractable landing gear systems, powerful brushless outrunner motors and much more.

For beginner pilots, the Hawk Sky v2, J3 Cub, Primo and Scout are all great choices. The J3 Cub, Primo, and the Scout have ailerons and are capable of rolling maneuvers, while the Hawk Sky's rudder/elevator control provides an easy to fly "go to" for many new pilots. For intermediate pilots, Dynam also produces scale warbirds such as the F4U Corsair, T-28, F6F Hellcat, Spitfire, B-26 Marauder, P-51 Mustang, FW-190, P-47, Hawker Hurricane, Hawker Tempest, and the BF-109. Dynam offers some great twin-engine RC Airplanes including the Grand Cruiser, PBY Catalina, C-47 Skytrain, and DC3. If you have a need for speed, Dynam also has a great lineup of RC jets including the Turbo LearJet, A-10, Me-262, and Meteor sports jet. Most models are available in Receiver Ready (PNP) and Ready to Fly (RTF) configurations.

For absolute quality control for your Dynam RC electric model airplane, Motion RC has worked to bring official replacement parts and components into our online store to ensure you always have the best experience possible. Regardless of whether your landing gear is damaged, your ailerons are misaligned, or your model’s fuselage is broken, our team can help you select the ideal part and get airborne once again.

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