UK VAT and Import Duty

UK VAT and Import Duties

VAT Will Not Be Collected By Motion RC

Effective 1 January, 2021, Motion RC Europe will no longer collect 20% VAT from UK based customers. If your "ship to" country is the United Kingdom all products on the Motion RC website will be shown with prices excluding 20% VAT. It is strongly recommended that you set your default country to the United Kingdom when browsing our website so all prices shown are exclusive of VAT. If you forget to select your default country, do not worry as VAT will automatically be deducted from the product price during checkout.

To change your default country to the United Kingdom, click the country flag in the top bar of our website (see image below).  


VAT And Import Duties Will Be Collected By The British Government

Effective 1 January, 2021, the British Government will collect VAT and Import Duties on shipments originating from the European Union. The collection of both VAT and Import Duties will be handled by FedEx on behalf of the British Government. In some cases FedEx will require payment of VAT and Duty at the time of delivery, and in other cases they will send an invoice for future payment. 

Please note: the vast majority of the goods sold by Motion RC Europe have 0% import duty, so in most cases UK customers will only be required to pay applicable VAT. Also, FedEx will charge a 12 GBP service fee when collecting VAT/Duty on UK shipments, so we recommend that customers consolidate their orders to avoid paying excess fees.