Order is Missing Items

If you order an RC model (such as an airplane, boat, or truck) and you also order small spare parts, 90% of the time Motion RC will pack the spare parts inside the RC model's box. Before contacting customer service to report a missing item, please check all areas/cavities inside the box thoroughly. Check inside brown paper packing material as fragile spare parts are often wrapped. Lastly, flip over the box and check underneath as we often pack spare parts in the large foam cavities in the underside of the box.

Every order processed by Motion RC's warehouse is video recorded and precisely weighed to ensure order accuracy. If you have thoroughly checked your shipping boxes, retail boxes, and packing material and still cannot find your item, please contact our customer service department using the form below, and we will be glad to help you locate your item(s) or ship you the missing part(s) if necessary.