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Torro German Panther G Unpainted 1/16 Scale Medium Tank - RTR


Torro German Panther G Unpainted 1/16 Scale Medium Tank - RTR

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Unpainted 1/16 Scale German Panther G Medium Tank from Torro - RTR - TOR1113879001

The Panther is a German medium tank deployed during World War II on the Eastern and Western Fronts in Europe from mid-1943 to the war's end in 1945. It was designated as the Panzerkampfwagen V Panther until 27 February 1944, when Hitler ordered that the Roman numeral "V" be deleted. Contemporary English language reports sometimes refer to it as the "Mark V".

Faithfully recreated in 1/16 scale, Torro continues to grow its reputation as a producer of high quality, high functioning RC tanks. This Pro Edition of the German Panther G features more than 70% metal part construction, a 360 degree rotating turret, a realistic torsion bar suspension, and a barrel recoil and muzzle flash effect that fires in sync with the IR (infrared) battle system. 

This version is delivered as RTR (Ready to Run), meaning it is fully functional out of the box, but it is UNPAINTED, giving modelers more freedom to detail, paint, and weather their model to their final preference. For the pre-painted version, visit here. 

Visit the Official Torro 1/16 Scale German Panther G Medium Tank Thread on for additional photos, videos, reviews, and customer Q&A.

All Metal Track System

All Metal Track System

All of Torro's "Pro-Edition" tanks feature full metal drive systems. Single track links are connected with steel pins, propelled by metal drive sprockets and riding over metal road wheels and idler. Confidently conquer terrain with these durable metal tracks!


High Torque Motors

Reliable metal geared gearboxes are driven by high torque motors. 

High Torque Motors
Heavy Metal Castings

Unpainted Version

Decorate, detail, and weather your model to your specific version and taste. Utilize your painting skills for a truly one-of-a-kind model!

IR Battle Ready

Engage in friendly infrared ("IR") combat with other tanks using Torro's proprietary IR Battle  System, both inflicting hits upon and receiving hits from opponents! Sounds and action signal each hit, until the 5th hit disables the tank. After 10 seconds, the disabled tank restarts and can rejoin the fight!

IR Battle Ready
Onboard Charging

Onboard Charging

Torro's convenient onboard charging system eliminates the hassle of removing batteries after every driving session. Safely charge the onboard NiMH battery by plugging the included charger's plug into the tank's concealed charge port.

Superb Scale Fidelity

Molded details, metal cast parts, brass photo-etched parts, and functional elements such as opening hatches all elevate this RC model to the next level, making it a perfect display piece when it's not powering through the battlefield outside.

Superb Scale Fidelity
360 Degree Turret

360 Degree Turret

Fully rotate the metal turret 360 degrees, and move the all-metal barrel up and down to train on your target. Torro's integrated drive electronics gives you complete proportional control to translate your precise inputs to all axe of movement. Drive, turn, traverse, train, and fire!

Barrel Recoil and Muzzle Flash Effect

The Pro-Edition of Torro tanks are distinguished by their synchronized barrel recoil and muzzle flash effect. When firing the main cannon, the barrel recoils at the same time that an LED inside the barrel flashes and a firing sound plays through the tank's internal speaker. Normally a costly aftermarket feature, this entire system is pre-installed.

Barrel Recoil and Muzzle Flash Effect
Exhaust Effect

Exhaust Effect

Glycerin-based "exhaust effect" simulates engine exhaust emanating from the two rear mounted chimneys.

Torsion Bar Suspension

Unlike simpler models with basic spring suspension arms, this Torro tank features a torsion bar suspension system that functions like the real tank! Torsion bars impart positive downforce on the tracks at all degrees of rotation, resulting in significantly improved traction over uneven terrain.

Torsion Bar Suspension


  • 70%+ metal parts including turret, main barrel, tracks and drive system
  • 360 degree turret rotation
  • Barrel Recoil with Muzzle Flash effect
  • Realistic Torsion Bar suspension system
  • Metal lower hull, drive wheels, idler wheels, and road wheels
  • Single pad metal tracks connected with steel pins
  • Onboard charging system via charge socket 
  • Proportional acceleration, steering, turret traverse, and gun movement
  • Realistic sound system and smoke effect generator
  • Fires an invisible IR signal to be used as part of Torro's proprietary Infrared Battle System, which disables other tanks when hit five times during simulated combat. Up to 20 tanks at the same time can battle each other!


  • Torro German Panther G Unpainted 1/16 Scale Medium Tank - RTR
  • 7.2V NiMH battery with Tamiya connector
  • 7.2V NiMH battery charger
  • 6-Channel 2.4GHz radio transmitter
  • Infrared (IR) battle system receiver
  • Painted cosmetic accessory parts
  • Adhesive decal sheet
  • Set of small parts and accessories
  • Smoke effect oil (vegetable glycerin)
  • Complete instruction manual in English and German


  • 6x AA batteries for 2.4GHz radio transmitter


Product Specifications:

AGE LEVEL : 14 and up
SKILL LEVEL : Beginner
BUILD TIME : 1 hour




56.5cm / 22.2in


21cm / 8.2in


18.5cm / 7.2in


5900g / 208oz

Body Material


Chassis Material


Track Material



Two 380 motors (28x37mm)


Metal Bushings

Gearbox Gear Material


Adjustable Gear Ratio


Differential Type


Suspension Type




Road Wheels


Idler Wheel


Adjustable Idler


Turret Rotation

360 Degrees





Exhaust Effect


IR Battle Ready


Airsoft BB Launch


Track Recoil


Cannon Barrel Recoil


Required Battery

2S 7.4V 1800mAh (included)

Required Radio

6 Channel (included)

Skill Level


Build Time

1 Hour

Recommended Environment

Indoor / Outdoor

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