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Tamiya US M1A2 Abrams Full Option 1/16 Scale Heavy Tank - KIT

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1/16 Scale US M1A2 Abrams Heavy Tank Full Option from Tamiya - KIT - TAM56041

Version Info: This tank is in "KIT" form and requires your own 4 Channel radio, receiver, ESC, charger and battery to run.  (See Requires below for information).

This large-scale, Big Tank Series R/C model assembly kit recreates the formidable modern U.S. Main Battle Tank M1A2 Abrams.

The Abrams main battle tank has been around since the early 1980s. It has undergone constant upgrades to ensure that it stays at the cutting edge of military technology. M1A2s were introduced in 1992, developed to be chock-full of front-line technology and bring the M1 into the digital age. They featured depleted uranium armor, a modified commander’s cupola, Intravehicular Information System (IVIS), Commander's Independent Thermal Viewer (CITV) turret and a new style vision block, and much more! M1A2’s played a significant role in Operation Iraqi Freedom, being deployed by land forces as they moved toward Baghdad in 2003.

The rear-mounted gearbox contains two 500 series motors that can operate together or individually to produce forward/reverse running and pivot turning. Metal torsion bars and suspension arms combine with the wide tracks to smoothly absorb bumps and dips in the terrain and provide high maneuverability. In addition, realistic engine sounds accompany the tank as it starts up, drives, and stops to idle. Hull-mounted main gun can be elevated, depressed, and swung to the left and right.

Visit the Official Tamiya 1/16 Scale US M1A2 Abrams Heavy Tank Thread on for additional photos, videos, reviews, and customer Q&A.

Realistic Firing Action

Realistic Firing Action

Main gun firing action is one of the most impressive features of this model. When firing, muzzle flashes, speaker roars and recoil gearbox retracts gun barrel, then slowly returns it to standard position.

360 Degree Turret Rotation

The turret can be rotated approximately 360 degrees. The gun barrel can be controlled within a 20 degree range. The moving speed can be controlled by transmitter stick.

340 Degree Turret Rotation
Independent Suspension

Independent Suspension

Independent suspension is damped by torsion bar springs, just like the full size. Combined with pre-assembled track, they provide smooth, exciting and realistic maneuverability, even on rough terrain.

Exceptional Realism

Full of realistic detail and scale realism from top to bottom.

Exceptional Realism
Easy Access

Easy Access

Access to the control unit is simple and easy.

Lights and Sound

The light and sound package adds that next level of scale appeal.

High Torque System


  • 1/16 scale R/C model assembly kit. Length: 615mm, width: 231mm, height: 190mm.
  • Expertly recreated angular Abrams form includes depictions of anti-slip surface textures
  • The chassis is powered by a rear-mounted gearbox with two 500-size motors and features metal parts such as lower hull, suspension arms, drive sprockets and more, for excellent durability Aluminum gun barrel included
  • Utilizes traverse and elevation/depression movement, actuated by a servo and Type 130 motor Multi-Function Unit is made up of turret and vehicle control units. It allows control of various movements via separately sold transmitter
  • Functions include turret rotation and gun elevation. It also ensures that a range of realistic sound and light effects (headlights, taillights, barrel flash) are paired with model actions
  • Gun barrel control system can train the main gun in a single direction, which it remains pointed in even as the tank moves or climbs, and the turret rotates
  • The included dual speaker offers highly realistic sounds Durable resin pre-assembled tracks feature metal pins and connectors
  • Compatible with the Battle System (Item 53447) for fun and interactive battles with friends!


  • Tamiya US M1A2 Abrams Full Option 1/16 Scale Heavy Tank - KIT
  • Complete instruction manual


Product Specifications:

AGE LEVEL : 14 and up
SKILL LEVEL : Beginner
BUILD TIME : 1 hour




52.5cm / 20.6in


23cm / 9.0in


18cm / 7.0in


4535g / 159.9oz

Body Material

ABS Plastic

Chassis Material

ABS Plastic

Track Material



Two 380 motors (28x37mm)


Metal Bushings

Gearbox Gear Material


Adjustable Gear Ratio


Differential Type


Suspension Type

Idler Arm



Road Wheels


Idler Wheel


Adjustable Idler


Turret Rotation

320 Degrees





Exhaust Effect


IR Battle Ready


Airsoft BB Launch

Yes, 6mm

Track Recoil


Cannon Barrel Recoil


Required Battery

2S 7.4V - 3S 11.1V LiPo Battery (required)

Required Radio

4+ Channel (required)

Skill Level


Build Time

1 Hour

Recommended Environment

Indoor / Outdoor

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