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Skynetic Bison XT STOL 1750mm (68.8") Wingspan - PNP

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Bison XT STOL 1750mm (68.8") Wingspan - PNP from Skynetic - SKY1043-001

Availability (updated 23 March)

The Skynetic Bison XT STOL will be in stock and available for purchase in Summer 2021. Pre-order details will be posted on this page in the coming weeks. Click the "Notify Me When Back In Stock" button above to receive an email when the pre-order opens.

Developed by and available exclusively at Motion RC, our "Skynetic" brand of foam electric RC Airplanes advances our vision of a global audience discovering the fun of RC Flight. Backed by Motion RC's customer support and a full line of spare parts to keep you flying, join the Skynetic revolution!

The Skynetic Bison XT STOL is one of our most versatile and fun to fly RC airplanes. Its large wingspan, high-wing configuration, and durable metal landing gear capture the essence of a full size Short Take Off and Landing ("STOL") aircraft. The Bison XT's versatile powerplant and two included propeller options handle gentle scale flying up to advanced aerobatics with ease. Slotted flaps and functional leading edge slats enable impressively short takeoffs! Advanced FPV flyers looking for a scale aircraft to fly in "First Person View" will enjoy the Bison's clear molded plastic windows and spacious cabin, which has been arranged to accept common aftermarket Pan-And-Tilt camera mounts.

The Bison XT's large inflatable all-terrain tires are perfect for grass, dirt or pavement. An air pump with standard size nozzle is required to tune your Bison's main wheels' firmness to best suit your preferred landing surface conditions, from sand, to gravel, to grass, to pavement. 

An optional float set with functional rudders is sold separately for pilots lucky enough to have a pond at their RC Club. Whether on land or lake, the Skynetic Bison XT is the perfect STOL for you!

Visit the Official Skynetic 1750mm Bison STOL Discussion Thread on for additional photos, videos, reviews, and customer Q&A.

All Terrain STOL Performance

All Terrain STOL Performance

Inspired by full-size STOL competitions like Valdez, the Bison XT brings the thrill of bush plane flying to Motion RC's customer family. Hone new skills with the Bison XT's unique flying characteristics and standout styling!

Durable Scale Undercarriage

Steel and aluminum metal undercarriage are adjustable and designed to withstand punishment. The Bison XT's articulating suspension undercarriage is smartly designed with breakaway points in easy-to-access areas for convenient maintenance outside of the fuselage, instead of damaging unreachable internals.

Durable Scale Undercarriage
Inflatable Tires

Inflatable Tires

Large inflatable tires can be pressurized to suit your terrain. The main axle's common diameter also fits popular aftermarket tires for pilots wanting to experiment with their own wheels in foam, foam rubber, or rubber inflatables.

Slotted Flaps

Rather than basic plain or split flaps, the Bison XT features large "slotted flaps", that direct airflow over the flap's leading edge to maintain laminar flow and minimize turbulence.

Barndoor Flaps
Functional Slats

Functional Slats

A unique feature from Motion RC, the Skynetic Bison XT includes functional proportional leading edge slats, which are actuated in sync with the flaps using a concealed turnbuckle system. Pilots may also opt to fly their model with the slats deactivated. Access panels allow for easy adjustments to dial in your preferred type of flying!

Two Size Props Included

The Bison XT includes two propellers in the box, to give pilots a choice of flying with either a 4s battery or 6s battery. No other changes to equipment or electronics are needed; simply change the propeller and battery to change the Bison XT's flying characteristics.

Two Size Props Included
Easy Service Linkages

Easy Service Linkages

Any bush plane pilot expects to have adjustability options and to conduct routine maintenance to keep their aircraft in optimal shape. The Bison XT STOL was designed with control linkages and undercarriage points in easy-to-reach areas. Your crew chief will thank you!

LED Lighting

Bright LED lights on the wingtips, under the fuselage, and bright "headlamps" facing forward on the fuselage help to illuminate the Bison XT's path on the taxiway and while in flight.

LED Lighting
Brushless Motor System

Brushless Motor System

Power through dynamic aerobatics with the pre-installed brushless motor and 80A ESC. Optimized for versatility, this powerplant accommodates a range of propeller and battery combinations depending on your climate and air density. An aluminum spinner points the way forward!

FPV-Ready Cockpit

Say goodbye to fake canopy decals! The Skynetic Bison XT incorporates thick clear plastic windscreen and windows. Beyond enhancing the visual "realism" of this model aircraft, the clear plastic also provides an upgrade path for experienced pilots to install an aftermarket FPV camera and common Pan-and-Tilt mount inside their Bison. The plastic assembly is structural and load bearing, distributing load across its entire area to eliminate stress fractures.

FPV-Ready Cockpit
Perfectly Sized

Perfectly Sized

With its wire-free and tool-less Quick Disconnect wing design, the Bison XT breaks down easily for transport. Its 1750mm (~69") wingspan and sturdy heft strike an ideal balance between size and cost. Light and transportable enough for casual pilots, and hefty and durable enough for experienced pilots flying demanding flight plans.


  • Durable EPO and high wing planform that is accessible to all pilots
  • Ruggedly durable landing gear to endure STOL-style takeoffs and landings
  • Optional float set with rudders (sold separately)
  • Functional flaps and leading edge slats added for quicker takeoffs and slower landings
  • Inflatable giant all-terrain tires for various terrain use
  • Two different propellers are included depending on your flying style and battery availability
  • LED navigational lighting for those dusk or dawn sorties
  • FPV-ready cockpit, plenty of room to add your chosen FPV gear
  • Easy to remove wing and tail section makes transport a breeze
  • Recommended Center of Gravity ("CG") starting point: 57mm behind leading edge of main wing


  • Skynetic Bison XT STOL 1750mm (68.8") Wingspan - PNP
  • <5055 420Kv brushless motor (installed)
  • 80A ESC with 5A BEC (installed)
  • Digital metal gear servos (installed)
  • LED navigational lighting (installed)
  • Two propellers (15x8 and 16x8)


Product Specifications:

AGE LEVEL : 14 and up
SKILL LEVEL : intermediate

Model Scale



1750mm / 68.8in


1290mm / 50.7in


3400g / 119.93oz

CG (Center of Gravity)

Refer to the manual

Power System

5055 420Kv brushless motor (installed)

Electronic Speed Control

80A (installed)

Propeller / EDF

15x8 and 16x8 (included)


17g digital metal gear standard: left aileron, right aileron, left flap, right flap
25g digital metal gear standard: left elevator, right elevator

Landing Gear

Standard fixed (included)

Required Battery

6 Cell 22.2V 3300 - 5000mAh LiPo battery with EC5 Connector (required)

Required Radio

5+ Channel (required)











Hinge Type



EPO Foam

Skill Level


Build Time

1 Hour

Recommended Environment


Product Spare Parts

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