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Roban "Huey" UH-1D Army 800 Size Scale Helicopter - ARF

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UH-1D "Huey" Green 800 Size Scale Army Helicopter ARF (Almost Ready to Fly) from Roban - RBN-212MI-8

The UH-1D "Huey" was developed specifically for the Army in order to carry pilots, gunners, and an infantry of 10. The main cabin can also house 6 stretchers making it a good MEDEVAC helicopter. The first delivery of the "Delta" model to the Army took place in 1963. 2,008 UH-1Ds "Hueys" were made for the Army between 1963 and 1966.

This is the Roban UH-1D scale 800 ARF offers unparalleled detail. From tip-to-tail the UH-1D body kit displays an accuracy of detail to the real aircraft not normally seen in the RC helicopter hobby. This kit comes with a very high level of detail. The fuselage is pre-painted, windows installed and all structural bulkheads installed. All doors are pre-fitted and fully operational, navigation and strobe lights included.

This kit comes with a fully illuminated scale detail cockpit with illuminated dashboard, joysticks, rudder pedals, aerials, windshield wipers and more. Full rear cabin interiors are included (not installed). Floor and ceiling details can be crafted so once the interiors are installed you have an impressively scaled cockpit/interior. Balance bar upgrade is available for the rotor head (sold separately).

The working/sliding door easily opens and allows quick access to the removable floor panel and battery compartment. These scale kits house the cockpit in precisely the right location and the mechanics are built into the engine compartment just like in the full scale version. The UH-1D kit really impresses with the highly detailed and accurately scaled down profile.

Visit the Official Roban 800 Size "Huey" UH-1D Army Scale Helicopter ARF Thread on for additional photos, videos, reviews, and customer Q&A.


  • 2 Blade rotorhead and scale carbon fiber rotor blades
  • 2 Tail blade head and scale carbon fiber tail blades
  • Extremely detailed surface with molded panel lines and rivets
  • Complete cockpit
  • Complete built In / partially pre-installed position lighting system (Controlled via AUX channel)
  • Special CCPM mechanics built in the top section like the full scale
  • Take off weight of 8kg (approximately double of a 700 3D helicopter)


  • Roban UH-1D 800 Size Scale Body
  • Full 800 size helicopter mechanics
  • 2 Carbon fiber rotor blades
  • 2 Carbon fiber tail blades
  • Complete scale cockpit
  • Complete built in / partially pre-installed position lighting system
  • Instruction manual
  • Decal set


Important Information - Please Read

Roban Scale Helicopters are intended for modelers who have advanced level building skills. Both ARF and KIT product formats require you to install your own electronics (ESC, servos, motor, etc). KIT product formats also require you to install your own helicopter mechanics. Because helicopter mechanics can vary greatly in size and shape, you may be required to modify the fuselage slightly (including cutting, drilling, etc.) to achieve a perfect fit. Roban fuselages are all handmade from fiberglass and therefore may have slight variation in tolerances between body panels, doors, or windows. These variations do not affect flight performance and can be easily adjusted by an experienced builder with proper tools. These precautions are intended for novice builders; an experienced modeler should have no issue achieving perfect results with these premiere scale helicopters kits.

Product Specifications:

AGE LEVEL : 18 and up
SKILL LEVEL : expert
BUILD TIME : 4+ hours

Class / Size


Power Type


Rotor Type

Collective Pitch

Body Material


Overall Size (L x W x H)

1960 x 355 x 510mm

Flying Weight


Main Rotor Diameter


Main Rotor Blade Length


Tail Rotor Diameter


Tail Rotor Blade Length


Tail Drive Type

Torque Tube

Cyclic Servos

3x MKS DS1220 - MKS6005-002

Tail Servo

1x MKS HBL980 - MKS-HBL980

Power System

560Kv Brushless Motor

Electronic Speed Control

160A High Voltage with EC5 Connector

Recommended Battery

2x 6S 22.2V 5000 mAh LiPo with EC5 Connector (in series for 12S)

Battery Compartment Size (L x W x H)


Required Radio

8 Channel

Skill Level


Build Time

4+ Hours

Recommended Environment


Product Questions & Answers

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Product Support

Product Manuals:


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