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MrRCSound TT-25 Transducer Speaker

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MrRCSound Additional TT-25 Transducer (Speaker) for Aircraft

There is not need to cut holes on your plane to mount the TT-25. Simply peel the backing off the self stick adhesive and stick the speaker onto the wall of the inside of your plane. This turns your whole plane into a speaker - really. You can increase the decibel level of your single TT-25 MrRCSound system by using an additional TT-25. A second TT-25 easily plugs into the sound board. A second TT-25 is recommend for planes 1400mm to 1650mm. If your plane is over 1650mm, we recommend a 3 additional TT-25 which also requires the MrRCSound amplifier. You can keep TT-25 in each of your planes and move the sound board from plane to plane. This way you have sound in every plane!

TT-25 Features

  • Weighs only 2.7oz - 3.1oz
  • Only 2" diameter and 1" thick
  • No need to cut holes in your plane to use the TT-25
  • Easy mounting inside the fuse with a little dab of CA or Epoxy
  • No dead spots because you whole plane is the speaker
  • Improved bass response over a standard speaker
  • Rugged - no paper cone to damage in a crash
  • 108db (max) at 1M sound output

Speakers are rated in SPL, or Sound Pressure Level. The higher the SPL of a speaker, the more efficient it is. Meaning it can put out a higher sound level, with less energy input. Most speakers in the 2"-4" inch size range are rated about 84-86db SPL, or decibels produced at 1 meter with 1W of input. The TT-25 is rated at a higher SPL. This means it delivers as much or more sound output than most 4" speakers in a smaller and lighter package (only 2.5oz) while using less energy at that same time. This translates to more flying time!

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