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MrRCSound Sound System V4.1 With TT-25 For RC Planes


MrRCSound Sound System V4.1 With TT-25 For RC Planes

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MrRCSound version 4.1 Sound System for Aircraft - MRS001

Do you wish your electric RC planes made more noise? The only scale detail missing from many electric RC planes is the noise of a real plane engine. The MrRCSound aircraft sound system adds a massive amount of realism to any RC plane and it is easy to install. NO MORE CUTTING HOLES FOR SPEAKERS! This system uses an ultra light 2.7oz - 3.1oz TT-25 transducer which effectively turns your whole plane into a speaker. Simply stick the speaker on the inside of the fuse of your plane using a little CA glue or Epoxy to hold it in place. This Aircraft sound system includes 6 different engine sounds which you can swap between at any time with the push of a button. The unit can sound like a Merlin, Lycoming, Continental, Pratt & Whitney Double Wasp, Daimler Benz 601 (BF-109), or a generic turbine. Also included are "auxiliary sounds" such as machine guns, cannons, a P-51 whistle, a Stuka siren, and various other sounds. There are multiple optional sound cards which may be purchased in order to add more engine and other auxiliary sounds. You select the sound you want to use by simply pressing a button on the unit. This unit also has a volume knob so you can easily change the sound level of the unit. This unit will fit planes 900mm and up depending on the room available in the fuse of your plane.

Also included is the "Airplane Finder" feature which allows you to locate your plane should you have a crash. This feature is only activated once you advance the throttle. When the sound unit detects no throttle input for 3 minutes, the alarm or "plane finder" sound will begin. 

WARNING - Connecting the sound system backwards can damage FMS ESCs; read the wiring instructions carefully.

Features of the new TT-25 "speakers"

  • Each Speaker weighs only 3 ounces
  • Only 2" diameter and 1" thick
  • No need to cut holes in your plane
  • Easy mounting inside the fuse
  • No dead spots because you whole plane is the speaker
  • Improved bass response over a standard speaker
  • Rugged - no paper cone to damage in a crash
  • 108db (max) at 1M sound output

Motion RC First Impressions

We had the whole system hooked up in less than 5 minutes. Wow is this sound system LOUD! We fired it up indoors and found the sound actually hurt our ears. Fantastic! We love how easy it is to swap between different engine sounds and we also really like the sound of the guns, cannons, etc. This system has the most fantastic startup and shutdown sounds we've heard. The realism is amazing. The systems volume control comes in handy when doing setup and testing. More videos and flight tests to come soon.

Connections and required cables

We recommend using your flight pack to power the MrRCSound sound system. The unit includes a JST power connector and we recommend tapping off your main power connector. If your plane has a T connector, we recommend using one of our "pass through T connectors" with a JST connector tap. There are 4 sets of pins on the unit. These accept 4" male to male servo cables or 8" male to male servo cables which will connect to your RX. These are labeled "Servo 1-4”. Servo 1 is the the main engine sound. Servo 2-3-4 are used for auxiliary sounds such as guns, whistles, and pilot chatter. You will very likely also need a servo Y cable for the throttle channel

    Options: (click the spare parts tab above to see all optional components)

    • Additional speaker: The base unit speaker is good for planes 900mm to 1400mm. We recommend a second TT-25 speaker for planes 1400mm to 1650mm.
    • Additional Amplifier: Increase the decibel level for large planes. For planes 1650mm and up we recommend an amplifier and 3 additional TT-25 speakers (for a total of 4 speakers).
    • WWI/Vintage Sound Pack: Engine sounds include Stearman, Fokker D VII, Real Gnome, Le Rhone, Easy Gnome, Tiger Moth, SE5a
    • MrRCSound 6 LED Gun Light Set: This is a set of 6 bright orange 5mm LED lights that is pre-wired to plug into the MrRCSound V4.1 sound system.
    • WWII sound pack: Engine sounds include Allison (P-40), BMW 801 (FW-190), Sakae (Zero), Mikulin AM-38 (IL-2/Mig-3), Bristol Centaurus (Hawker Sea fury), and Wright Cyclone (T-28)
    • Multi Engine Sound Pack: Engine sounds for twin and quad engine airplanes. Requires at least a 2 speaker system to work correctly as it will play start up and shut down from independent speakers. Sounds include: Allison Twin (P-38), BMW Twin, Merlin Twin (de Havilland Mosquito), Merlin 4x, Daimler Benz Twin, and Wright Cyclone 4x (B-17)

    Product Specifications:

    • 6 Engine sounds: Merlin (P-51), Lycoming (Sky Trainer, J3, etc), Continental, Pratt & Whitney Double Wasp (Corsair, P-47, F6F), Daimler Benz 601 (BF-109), or a generic Turbine
    • Auxiliary sounds such as guns, cannons, whistles (P-51), and pilot chatter mappable to different receiver channels.
    • Decibel level: up to 108db with the included TT-25 "speaker" - it is even louder when using an optional second TT-25 "speaker"
    • Input: 3S to 8S LiPo
    • Current: About 1A with one speaker and 1.6A with an optional second speaker
    • Dimensions: speaker is 2" diameter by 1" thick. Sound board is 3" x 2"
    • Weight: less than 4oz
    • Battery Connector: JST
    • Receiver connectors: Pins for JR male servo connector
    • Channels: up to 4 channels may be used. Throttle, Aux sound 1, Aux sound 2, Aux sound 3

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