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MrRCSound V4.1 Amplifier Upgrade

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MrRCSound Amplifier Upgrade

Increase the decibel level of your MrRCSound V4.1 system. While the stock sound system includes one speaker and allows connection of a second speaker, this additional amplifier allows you to use two more speakers for use with larger planes. The Amplifier upgrade easily plugs directly into the MrRCSound system and two additional speakers can be connected directly to this amplifier. Remember, the MrRCSound system includes one speaker and one additional speaker can be connected to the MrRCSound system before you need this amplifier. This amplifier allows you can connect 2 more speakers to the MrRCSound system (for a total of 4). If you have an FMS 1700mm plane, it is highly recommended you purchase this amplifier along with 3 additional speakers (the base system can handle 2 speakers and this amplifier handles the other 2 speakers).

Connections and required cables

We recommend using your flight pack to power the MrRCSound additional amplifier. The unit includes a JST power connector and we recommend tapping off your main power connector. If your plane has a T connector, we recommend using one of our "pass through T connectors" with a JST connector tap.

Note** The connector on this amplifier is specific to the MrRCSound 4.1 system and will not work with the MrRCSound ASPIRE sound system

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