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Mobius 2 Action Camera 1080P 60FPS H.265 HEVC H.264 AVC

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Mobius 2 Action Camera 1080P 60FPS H.265 HEVC H.264 AVC - MOB2AC1080P60

Capture your RC aircraft in the best possible light unparalleled in this economical price point.  This is the New Mobius 2 Action 1080p 60FPS HD Lightweight Camera weighing around 27 grams with full 1080p HD and 60 Frames Per Second video capability.  Comes with a Field Of View (FOV) of 130° (Diagonally: 165°) super wide angle lens.  Includes a mounting base.

Embrace the latest compression technology - H.265 HEVC

It’s the first small sports camera in the world that supports the next generation of video compression, H.265 HEVC. Windows 10 supports H.265 HEVC. Several media players are embracing the new codec as well, like MPC-HC, Divx Player, Potplayer and more. H.264 AVC is supported as well.

Extremely Low Power Consumption. Perfect power management.

The Mobius 2 Action Camera can record over 120 minutes of Full HD 1080P 60fps video with the built-in 820mah lipo-battery fully charged. It’s as low as 1.6w, while 2.4w to 3w for other cameras capable of 1080p 60fps. Lower power consumption and less heat is critically important for a small and compact camera. The Mobius 2 Action Camera will resist crashing or freezing up like many other cameras due to over heating.

Smart Mounting Solution with Heatsink function

The Mobius 2 Action Camera comes with a standard 1/4" detachable camera mount made of copper and doubles as a heatsink.

Improved Wide Dynamic Range

Clearer Detail When In Movement


  • 1080p HD Video Quality - The Mobius 2 Action Camera can record in beautiful 1080P HD video quality at 60 frames per second. There is also a 720P 60 frames per second option suitable for extremely fast action recording, and WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) recording for low light scenarios. A Time Lapse mode, where the camera will automatically take Time-Lapsed still images is also included. The Mobius can also be configured for motion detect recording; allowing the user to set the sensitivity.
  • 130° Field Of View - The Mobius 2 Action Camera has a super wide angle lens of 130° (Diagonally: 165°) to capture even more of the action in your surroundings.   
  • Long Battery Life - The Mobius 2 Action Camera can record for approximately 120 minutes at a time of full HD 1080p 60fps. The Mobius 2 Action Camera is capable of recording live video while connected to an external power source as well, such as a driving recorder.
  • Mounting Base - A mounting base is included to easily mount to your RC aircraft, mountain bike, motorcycle, car and other objects to elevate your video experience.  Acts as a heatsink as well.
  • High Quality Audio - The Mobius 2 Action Camera records excellent quality audio at 512 Kbps PCM (CD quality). Audio can be turned off as well via the configuration utility.


  • 1 Mobius 2 Action 1080P 60FPS Camera
  • 1 Mounting Base
  • 1 USB cable
  • 1 pair hook and loop mounting material
  • 1 Mobius TV cable


  • Micro SD Card


  • Mobius Camera Battery Eliminator Cable - MOBBEC

Product Specifications:

Angle of View

FOV 130° (Diagonally: 165°) Super wide angle


1080P 60fps, 1080P 30fps, 720P 120fps, 720P 60fps, 720P 30fps. H.265 HEVC and H.264 AVC, MP4



Photo1920x1080; 1280x720

Time Lapse photo supported


Mode Switches

Video Mode 1, Video Mode 2, Photo Mode, (you can customize each mode to suit your application)

TV Out



Mini 10Pin USB (USB2.0 Highspeed)


Supports Micro-SD memory card (not included). Suggest Class 10 or above. 64GB card supported

LED Indicator Lights

Red, yellow, blue, green

Internal Lipo Battery

820mah. It can record about 120 minutes of 1080p 60fps

Power Input

Standard USB DC5V, with over voltage protection (5.6V-25V)


Approx 64mm(L) 36.5mm(W) 18mm(H)


Approx 45 grams only with battery included!

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Product Support

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Product Updates:

  • March 30, 2016  -  Once you have formatted the Mobius Mini following the instructions and you are experiencing a black screen but working audio on video playback, first make sure the lens cap is removed.  If the lens cap is removed and the video is still black, use the free mSetup.exe Windows configuration app to make sure your firmware is up-to-date.  Once the firmware is up-to-date this should resolve the blank video issue.  Important note:  If the video is still not recording make sure you have H.264 selected for the Video CODEC NOT H.265 HEVC which is incompatible on most systems.
  • March 30, 2016  -  The ActionCam does not come in a standard box but is packed and shipped in a protective plastic bag.

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If you need any additional assistance, please visit the Motion RC Help Center

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