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FlightLine Spitfire Mk.IX Clipped Wing Kit - 3D Printed (3DPUP)

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Spitfire Mk.IX 3D Printed Clipped Wing Kit, (3DPUP) from Freewing - FLW30310911

For those who want to add even more detail to their FlightLine RC Spitfire Mk.IX this custom 3D printed plastic part set would be a great replacement from the stock parts.  Just add paint and weathering for ultimate realism!  Adding this kit does require some cutting and gluing.  Click on the video tab above and to the 2:38 mark in the top video to view an installation segment.

What is 3DPUP?

Put the “modeler” back into RC Modeling! Adding another level of scale detail potential to your RC model aircraft, Motion RC now offers 3D Printed Upgrade Part (“3DPUP”) Sets for select models from Freewing and FlightLine RC.  These 3DPUPs offer three distinct advantages:

Perfect Fit

Each 3DPUP set is drawn by the same designers who created the original model aircraft, which guarantees a perfect fit between the original foam aircraft and the 3D printed parts.


Cockpit sets bring the additional advantage of curbing the unsightly “gatoring” that occurs when dark foam bubbles under heat and UV radiation.

High Def Detail

Instrument panels with details as sharp as 0.10mm and other assemblies feature details impossible to render in molded foam.  High resolution, high accuracy.

Motion RC’s exclusive 3DPUP sets are available in two formats:


Available for purchase on our website under the aircraft’s “Upgrades” tab, each 3DPUP Set arrives to your door pre-printed, cleaned, trimmed, and ready for your paintjob.  Modelers can further detail the parts to their desired level, then install the parts with standard foam glue.  Basic modeling skills and materials are required.

Downloadable Printable .STL File

For modelers with access to a 3D Printer or who want to use a third party 3D printing service, we are also offering for a limited time the original .STL files for free download on our website under the aircraft’s “Support” tab.  Modelers are responsible for preparing the file for their own printer’s specifications.  These downloadable files are ideal for modelers who enjoy tinkering with printer settings and materials.  Please note, we only provide the .STL files themselves; we cannot provide tech support for your specific printer.  By downloading the .STL files, you agree to not monetize the file in any way without Motion RC’s express written consent.

If you have your own 3D printer, or have access to one, you can download the STL files directly at this link.

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