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FlightLine OV-10 Bronco 1400mm (55") Wingspan - PNP


FlightLine OV-10 Bronco 1400mm (55") Wingspan - PNP

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OV-10 Bronco 1400mm (55") Wingspan from FlightLine - PNP - FLW305P

The OV-10 Bronco is an American twin-turboprop light attack and observation aircraft that was developed in the 1960s. Purpose-built for Forward Air Control and intended to fly off unimproved short fields with its high lift narrow wingspan wings, the Bronco excelled in observation, target marking, ground attack, and troop deployment roles. In recent times, Broncos continue service as firefighting aircraft and flying specialized evaluation missions against ISIS, and in 2020 is set to serve as a US Air Force JTAC training aircraft.

FlightLine by Motion RC delivers the historic OV-10 Bronco as an easy-to-transport, easy-to-fly, and easy-to-land RC model with pre-upgraded lights and metal suspension landing gear at a superb pricepoint. Presented in 1/8.5 scale and standing taller than other FlightLine twins like the 1/10 scale 1600mm P-38, the OV-10's twin boom and high elevator configuration displaces more volume during transport, so we designed the outer wing panels to unscrew for convenient transport standing on the model's retractable landing gear. DayBright LEDs, a large cockpit, tasteful detailing, and removable ordnance underscore a model that looks as great as it performs, while still being Beginner-Friendly and geared toward Every Day fliers.

  Visit the Official FlightLine 1400mm OV-10 Bronco Discussion Thread on for additional photos, videos, reviews, and customer Q&A.

Armed to the Teeth

Armed to the Teeth

Four plastic machine guns, four removable rocket pods, and a magnetic centerline tank comprise the Bronco's menacing ordnance package.

Large Battery Bay

The battery bay in the Bronco has ample space for your batteries and peripheral equipment including a gyro or gyroceiver. Achieve 5-8 minutes of flight time with two economical 4s batteries.

Large Battery Bay
Four Panel Flaps

Four Panel Flaps

Wide four panel flaps enhance the FlightLine Bronco's STOL (Short Take Off and Landing) capability. Ideal for new warbird pilots looking for their first Big Twin, the Bronco assembles with only screws and is backed by a full line of easy-to-replace spare parts.

FPV-Friendly Cockpit

As an observer platform, the OV-10 is especially suited to visibility. Remove the two included pilots and install your own FPV camera equipment for the ultimate scale warbird FPV experience!

FPV-Friendly Cockpit
Grass Ready

Grass Friendly

Designed for practical every-day RC use, tall pre-upgraded aluminum suspension struts and adequate ground clearance give the FlightLine Bronco the best off-road capabilities of any FlightLine aircraft. The large nose wheel and trailing-link main struts are especially suited for operating off of the toughest RC airfields, intended to fully compress without damaging the fuselage or props. Due to practical size constraints, the largest main wheel is used that can still fit in the reinforced foam boom without hydraulic compression assistance.

LED Lighting

The onboard MFCB powers five pre-installed LED lights, with ports for additional LEDs added by you. The model features two red/green wingtip static LEDs, one white dorsal LED,  a flashing red ventral LED (shown), and one white landing LED in the nose that illuminates whenever the landing gear is extended.

LED Lighting
Magnetic Centerline Tank

Magnetic Centerline Tank

Flying with or without the removable ordnance, from any angle the FlightLine OV-10 Bronco has style in spades!

Efficient Power System

Our proven three blade 4s brushless outrunner power system provides power for all scale maneuvers including loops and rolls for 5-8 minutes based on throttle usage and flight conditions. Molded plastic parts throughout the model resist dents and dings during transport. 85% scale size props prevent tip damage during hard landings even when the landing gear is fully compressed.

Plastic Cowl and Spinner
Removable Ordnance

Removable Ordnance

Remove the ordnance in seconds for easier storage or transport, or for clearing higher grass RC airfields. At 1/8.5 scale, the foam FlightLine OV-10 PNP is an excellent size for additional customization and everyday transport, as an alternative to the larger 1/6.5 scale balsa wood OV-10 ARF from Black Horse Models also available here at Motion RC. Both are excellent!

Short Takeoff

The FlightLine Bronco excels at short-field takeoffs, and is capable of steep angle landings with flaps down and power on. Generous rudder authority helps train new pilots to fly with rudder to keep the Bronco tracking on target throughout its very wide flight envelope!

Short Takeoff
Easy To Transport

Easy To Transport

The OV-10's outer wings are easily removable for convenient transporting to and from the flying field. This design allows the aircraft to stand on its three landing gear without its outer wings.

Easy To Land

The Bronco's four flap configuration and tricycle landing gear makes for an easy to land platform. A high mounted elevator provides excellent control authority in all conditions.

Easy To Land


  • Easy-To-Transport with Removable Outer Wing Panels
  • Easy-To-Assemble with no glue required for main components
  • Easy-To-Program with pre-wired MFCB for dual motors/rudders and four flaps
  • Easy-To-Takeoff with four-panel flaps and high clearance, high power brushless motors
  • Easy-To-Fly with large size and low wing loading
  • Easy-To-Land with flaps, tall wheels, and trailing link aluminum suspension landing gear struts
  • Easy-To-Own with pre-upgraded suspension landing gear, pre-installed DayBright LED Lights, and readily available spare parts


    • FlightLine OV-10 Bronco 1400mm (55") Wingspan - PNP
    • Motors, ESCs, servos, LED lights and retracts pre-installed


    Product Specifications:

    AGE LEVEL : 14 and up
    SKILL LEVEL : intermediate
    BUILD TIME : 1 hour

    Model Scale



    1400mm / 55.1in


    1390mm /54.7in


    3050g / 107.5oz

    CG (Center of Gravity)

    76mm From leading edge at the wing root

    Power System

    2x 4S Brushless 3530-860Kv (included)

    Electronic Speed Control

    2x 30A (included)

    Propeller / EDF

    2x 9.5x7, 3-blade standard and reverse propeller (included)


    • 9g hybrid gear standard with 600mm lead: left rudder, right rudder - MD31093-600
    • 9g hybrid gear standard with 500mm lead: nose gear steering - MD31093-500
    • 9g hybrid gear standard with 400mm lead: left inboard flap, right inboard flap - MD31093-400
    • 9g hybrid gear standard with 300mm lead: left aileron, right aileron - MD31093-300
    • 17g metal gear standard with 300mm lead: elevator - MD31172-300
    • 9g hybrid gear standard with 200mm lead: left outboard flap, right outboard flap - MD31093-200

    Landing Gear

    Electric retractable tri-gear (included)

    Required Battery

    TWO 4 Cell 14.8V 3300 - 4000mAh LiPo batteries with XT60 Connector (required)

    Required Radio

    6+ Channel (required)











    Hinge Type



    EPO Foam

    Skill Level


    Build Time

    1 Hour

    Recommended Environment


    Product Videos

    Product Spare Parts

    Freewing Connector Wire FJ2151118
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    • June 19, 2020 - This is an image to help explain how to hook up the flap system for your OV-10. Click here to view.


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