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Beacon Foam-Tac Glue - 2 Pack of 1oz Tubes


Beacon Foam-Tac Glue - 2 Pack of 1oz Tubes

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Beacon Foam-Tac Glue - 2 Pack of 1oz Tubes - 54947-31715

Note: This version is the 2 pack of 1oz tubes (two separate 1oz tubes total).

Foam-Tac is good for all types of foams, balsa, and carbon fiber

Beacon Foam-Tac is the perfect foam safe glue for all types of foam RC planes no matter what type of foam your plane is in your plane. Foam-Tac Bonds EPO, EPP, EPS, Depron, and more. Additionally Foam-Tac is great for building Balsa planes and even Carbon Fiber or Fiberglass planes. If you have a bad crash and break your wing in half, Foam-Tac will have you back in the air in 15 minutes.

Foam-Tac is great for reinforcement of hinges

Foam-Tac is the perfect glue for reinforcing foam hinges. Instead of using hinge tape, simply run a small bead of Foam-Tac on the bottom side of the hinge of your ailerons, flaps, elevator, or rudder. Foam-Tac will remain flexible and your control surface will be significantly stronger. If you break a hinge, may people will use Dubro hinges or Robart pinned hinges. While these hinges are great, they are also time consuming. A little Foam-Tac can be used in place of these hinges. On faster jets or planes, we recommend Foam-Tac as a reinforcement for these hinge methods.

Foam -Tac will not degrade in the sun

Foam-Tac's formula contains UV blockers so that it can be used in the field in direct sunlight without any yellowing or degrading. While we love epoxy, this is one of our issues with most epoxy since they yellow and become brittle over time. That said, if you have a joint which requires absolutely no flex, Epoxy or CA may be a better choice there. However, be sure to test those other glues on a small area since only Foam-Tac is safe for all foams.

Other Foam-Tac uses in RC Planes

Foam-Tac is the a great choice for building and repairing motor mounts, control horns and rods and attaching servos. We frequently use Foam-Tac to tac down and clean up the wiring in our planes in order to keep wires away from receiver antenna. Another great use is attaching gyros. All modern gyros and flight controller must be securely attached in order to function properly. Foam-Tac is a great method of attachment to make sure your gyro is secure and functions properly. We use this for Hobby Eagle gyros, Spektrum AS3X receivers, and Spektrum SAFE receivers. Beacon Foam-Tac glue can also be used for FPV racing flight controllers and heli gyros.


  • Foam-Tac never yellows or becomes brittle.
  • Very low odor, no fumes.
  • Dries fast and crystal clear.
  • 2 individual 1oz tubes
  • Never foams or expands or needs a kicker.
  • Remains flexible. Glue joints flex with the foam, preventing separation from hard impacts.
  • Long shelf life –up to 2 years if properly stored away from heat and with white cap replaced.
  • No need to store in the fridge or freezer.
  • Works on ALL types of foam including Depron, EPP, EPO, Styrofoam, insulating foam, and even florist’s foam, as well as with balsa wood and carbon fiber.
  • Great for waterproofing.

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