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(VIDEO) Quick Tips!

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  • Category: Beginner Help, Tips and Tricks
  • Back in October 2020 we started a new series on our YouTube channel called "Quick Tips". The premise is to offer our loyal customer family helpful guides, tips and tricks covering a wide array of RC topics. Below is a list of these videos we hope you find useful. If you have any suggestions for future Quick Tips topics please contact us here.

    BenchCraft 47-1 Tool Kit | Quick Tip | Motion RC

    Every hobbyist needs a good starter tool kit for all their RC projects.

    Control Surface Direction | Quick Tip | Motion RC

    For beginners, knowing which way your control surface are supposed to move is imperative in flight. Hopefully, this Quick Tip helps!

    Opening your Torro Tank | Quick Tip | Motion RC

    Torro tanks use a latch system to separate the hull from the chassis. This video is here to help you do it correctly to not damage your tank.

    Notify Me When Back In Stock | Quick Tip | Motion RC

    Whenever there is a product that you want from Motion RC, but is currently out of stock, be sure to click the 'Notify Me When Back In Stock' orange button on the product page to be notified as soon as the item is restocked.

    Inrunner V Outrunner | Quick Tip | Motion RC

    Ever wondered what the difference is? Hopefully this quick tip can help you decide whats right for you.

    Useful Throttle Time | Quick Tip | Motion RC

    When watching our flight videos, you may hear me speak about "useful" throttle time. Well, let me further explain what I mean.

    Ball Link Pliers from BenchCraft | Quick Tip | Motion RC

    Any job is easy if you have the right tools! For many beginners, you may not realize ball link pliers exist and can make your RC life much easier!

    KV when it applies to electric motors is something many might not understand and we hope this video helps you get an idea of what it means.

    How To Subscribe and/or Join our YouTube Channel | Quick Tip | Motion RC

    Not RC-related this week, but we wanted to answer some questions we have been getting regularly since we started our Sub, Spin & Win weekly giveaway contest. Enjoy.

    Propeller Diameter & Pitch | Quick Tip | Motion RC

    All you RC beginners, here is a quick tip on those 2 numbers listed on every propeller.

    What is an ARF + Model? | Quick Tip | Motion RC

    Confused by what you get in an ARF + model from Motion RC? Hope this tip helps out! Just supply your own power system and go fly!

    What are Dual Rates? | Quick Tip | Motion RC

    Many beginners have probably heard the term "dual rates" and turned their heads in confusion. Hopefully this video can quickly give you the idea so you can explore, learn and fly better.

    What is Expo? | Quick Tip | Motion RC

    In this video James breaks down expo. What it is, how to use it and set it up properly. Easy to understand for those new to the hobby or anyone who would like a better understanding of its usage.

    10 Must-Have Items in your RC Field Box | Quick Tip | Motion RC

    In this video James lists the 10 must-have items for your RC field box.

    Must Have RC Tool | Quick Tip | Motion RC

    Discover the must have RC tool for all RC hobbyists.

    What is my RC Model's Scale? | Quick Tip | Motion RC

    In this video James breaks down a simple method for learning what your model's scale is.

    Motor Brake Set-Up | Quick Tip | Motion RC

    For certain propeller driven aircraft, the ability to having your motor able to brake is crucial. This video goes over some reasons why and shows you how to accomplish the task.

    How To Balance A 3-Blade Propeller | Quick Tip | Motion RC

    Balancing your propeller is an integral part of assuring success in any RC aircraft. In this video we show you how to balance a 3-blade propeller.

    RC LiPo Charging for Beginners | Quick Tip | Motion RC

    This not-so-quick tip is geared towards beginners and the most basic but most necessary functions of charging a LiPo Battery.

    To Gyro or Not to Gyro | Quick Tip | Motion RC

    Why is there such debate over the use of a Gyro in an RC aircraft? Technology is there to help and free to choose.

    Reversing Motor Direction | Quick Tip | Motion RC

    uper quick and easy tip for reversing the direction of your electric RC motor. Just change 2 wires!

    Using an RC Watt Meter | Quick Tip | Motion RC

    Many time pilots ask if they can change a prop, motor or esc in an RC aircraft and if that aircraft will perform. A watt meter will answer your questions and let you know for sure if your upgrades will work. A necessary tool for any electric aircraft RC pilot.

    Centering Servos | Quick Tip | Motion RC

    Centering a servo is a crucial task to proper setup on most RC aircraft and it is very simple. Join us to show you one way to do it.

    Securing a Battery in your RC Airplane | Quick Tip | Motion RC

    Making sure your battery is secure throughout your flight is crucial for success. If your battery shifts in flight you could potentially lose your model. Here are some ways to secure them.

    Balance Charging RC LiPo Batteries | Quick Tip | Motion RC

    One way to ensure a longer lifespan for your LiPo batteries is to balance charge them. James explains how easy it is to do.

    LiPo Battery Tester (Cell Checking) | Quick Tip | Motion RC

    In this Quick Tip we quickly go over why everyone should have a battery tester or cell checker in their hobby shops and field boxes. Not only can they help you never to fly an uncharged battery, but they can also help you determine if a cell has gone bad or out of balance within your LiPo.

    How To Balance A 2-Blade Propeller | Quick Tip | Motion RC

    Balancing your propeller is an integral part of assuring success in any RC aircraft. In this video we show you 2 popular ways to accomplish this but there are many others. How do you balance your propellers?

    RC Car Jumping Basics | Quick Tip | Motion RC

    Jumping an RC car will of course put your car at risk for damage but is a vital skill to learn to have some fun with an RC car that can do it.

    How To CG Your RC Aircraft for Beginners | Quick Tip | Motion RC

    In this week's quick tip James shows a beginner how to acheive your manual's CG on an RC aircraft. Imperative to have success flying RC airplanes.

    Storage Charging RC LiPo Batteries | Quick Tip | Motion RC

    Storage charging is imperative to keeping your LiPo batteries healthy and helping them last much longer.

    Hand Launching an EDF Jet | Quick Tip | Motion RC

    When it comes to hand launching and EDF jet, many find it a challenge and we hope this video gives you some tips for successful successive hand launches every time.

    Control Surface Deflection | Quick Tip | Motion RC

    Properly measuring your control surface deflection is an integral part of properly setting up your aircraft dual rate settings and can easily be done with this simple tool.

    Top 5 Tips for Beginners Starting with RC Aircraft | Quick Tip | Motion RC

    Getting started in the RC Aircraft Hobby can seem challenging to beginners. Hopefully, this video can help you on the right path for success in this awesome hobby.

    Set a Throttle Cut on ALL RC Aircraft | Quick Tip | Motion RC

    For your own safety and others, make it an imperative part of your RC aircraft setup process to set a throttle cut in your transmitter.

    Range Check Your RC Aircraft | Quick Tip | Motion RC

    One of the most important aspects of successful RC flying is a proper range check of your model. This is the last test you can do to make sure your RX has no interference and can save your model from disaster.

    ESC Calibration | Quick Tip | Motion RC

    Calibrating the throttle range on your electric airplane's ESC is essential to unlocking its full-throttle range. This simple calibration process only needs to be done once and takes just a few seconds.

    Proper RC Receiver (RX) Placement | Quick Tip | Motion RC

    We get a lot of questions about where and how to place your RX in you aircraft. While there is no universal way, there are certain things you need to avoid when installing the RX. Hope this helps!

    How to Apply Waterslide Decals | Quick Tip | Motion RC

    Many modelers eventually experience their first set of waterslide decals which can be tricky if you don't know how to apply them. We hope this first video in our new Quick Tips series can help!

    The RC Hobby Glue That's Right For You | Quick Tip | Motion RC

    There are many different types of glues used in the hobby, but these are 4 of the most common and should be a part of any RC hobbyist's arsenal.

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